Adopt a Habit of Stopping to Think

Now, most bloggers are natural writers, so stopping to think is kind of a profession. It seems who we are. If we do not think, we generally do not blog. So it is preaching to the choir.

But with my children, and with myself as well, I am adopting and training a new habit of stopping periodically in the day, turning noise/tech off and thinking. Seem silly? I will tell you why. Many are so distracted and tech addicted and other pleasure addicted (pharmaceuticals, drugs, porn, sex, idolatry, work, gambling, gaming, etc) that they do not stop to think for themselves unless it is of the drug of choice or entertainment in front of you. Thinking has become passe, boring, and most people feel a complete waste of time.

In fact, it is what we as a society are lacking. And for good reason. Those who would control and use and/or destroy us do not want us to think about it, just spend, be addicted, be distracted, give all our money, need them to take power over us. Not thinking could definitely lead to our demise as a society. So what can we do about it? Put everything down periodically and just be still and think. Not empty our mind, that has its own serious dangers. But think in stillness. And there is plenty to think about, I need not give you topics. A good practice is to read a Bible verse or chapter then think about it. Or pray then think about it. Or talk quietly with a friend/family member then think about it. See a need and think about how to solve it. If this becomes a habit, society and we will be strengthened considerably and our lives improved and much more enjoyable.😄❤