Asleep When My Head Hits the Pillow

Most of my life, I was asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have been asked my secret. I will tell the whole world now because many people are apparently having difficulty getting to sleep. Here is my lifestyle that promotes restful sleep as soon as you lay down for bed…

1. Faith and trust in God. I understand that sounds like a simplistic, pat answer but I assure you it is legit. I do not worry for I put my life and everything going on into God’s hands before going to sleep.

2. Pray right before bed and read the Bible. This is where you put all those things into God’s hands.

3. Guilt-free, clean living. Now those few years of my life I did not get right to sleep were the years I was steeped in sin. Hard to sleep when #1 and #2 above are unattainable because of sinful, guilty living.

4. Hard work during the day. I work hard at living and serving in the day and worship God and cook and clean and so on. If there is yard work, I do that too. I also walk the dog with the kids 4 times a day for more exercise.

That is it. I believe I put them in the order of importance also, so please be encouraged that your sleep is important to the Lord. If you do these four things every day and pray for sound, quick sleep, God will provide that to you and bless you for it. God bless you!😴❤

Problem Solving 101

Small or life or death large or any sized problem in between, here is how to solve it. 1. Pray and ask God for help because He has the big picture and details from the past, now and the future in view at all times and at once and love you and wants to help and is strong enough to do it and wise enough to do it best. That was an excellent run on sentence, but said what I want so I am not changing it. Lol Start the prayer with these words or attitude, “Dear Hravrnly Father, I have a problem that you know the answer/solution to and I don’t know the right one. I need Your help. Please help me and give me wisdom and understanding and guide me to the right solution. In Jesus’ name, amen.” 2. Read any verse of the Bible (even unrelated) because truth is truth and wisdom is wisdom and it fosters truth and answers. 3. Do something else. Either think of something or take a walk or glance through a magazine or do some sewing or take a scenic drive. And take me with you on the drive. Lol 4. Come back to the problem with a new, fresh perspective and think about pros and cons for optional solutions. 5. If you cannot be objective because you are too invested emotionally, consult an objective friend or professional or pastor or whoever fits. 6. Repeat all steps as necessary but in the same order.  

One Step Back

So I had been emotionally on the mend since it happened, nearly back to myself, nearly feeling fully alive again and the last couple of days feel like a step back into loss. I do not want to feel sorry for myself but such a huge part of my life is gone now and I miss him so much. He loved and supported me unconditionally and always could calm and focus my mind. I miss those things and so many other things. I thought maybe if I talked about it, I could get past the missing faster and feel my new normal again sooner. And I thought maybe someone else has lost someone they loved and might be hurting too after the celebrations have died down. And I decided it is ok to take a step back and miss him as long as very soon here I step forward and journey on. My plan is to draw closer to God by reading my Bible, specifically the Psalms and praying more, relying on God’s strength, wisdom and healing. When I am weak, God is stronger through me than I could ever be myself. When I mourn, He comforts me. When I need Him and ask Him, He always gives me what I really need deeper. Love you.

The Art of Making Decisions

Personality plays an enormous role in whether it is easy or difficult to make decisions. However, there are some tried and true ways to become a little more decisive. I want to share these because I happen to be of a personality type that finds it rather easy to make decisions. Why? It is how God made me. I have many friends who find it difficult. Here is what I know. Before making a decision about something major in your life (or even a minor thing if you wish), always pray. Prayer opens your heart to be humble and admit you need God’s help. This is the attitude you need to start the process. Prayer works. You can get alone for a while and pray, play music and pray, pray on the fly in the middle of a crowd. The beauty of prayer is that it can happen anywhere, the more secret the better. Secondly, after praying, you make a list of pros and cons, why one answer would be great and why the same answer would be horrible. In what ways? And this is not a list where the majority wins because the most meaningful is the winner. If there is one pro and fifteen cons, that pro can still overpower. So, this is a list with priorities based on your moral standards and the importance of that benefit in your life. Thirdly, pray again. I tell ya, it never ever hurts. Fourthly, read some Psalms. Why? To distract you. Obviously this has occupied your thoughts for some time and focus for as much of it and you need to be a little looking at something that is truth but that has nothing to do with your decision. Seems strange, but it works. We tend when we have problems to work out and decide on to focus on ourselves, maybe even becoming too self-involved for a bit and our perspective when we focus on ourselves is probably biased by what others say who may or may not know the whole picture and are not God so do not know what is best for you. So, reading some truth gets you into hopefully a more objective, honest seeking frame of mind, especially truth God wrote, as He knows the best answer for you. Fifthly, re-evaluate the list of pros and cons. Look at it again with new eyes, maybe even wait a few days between steps four and five. Patience pays dividends. Sixthly, if an answer is still not forthcoming, choose extremely carefully someone you trust who is capable of being objective and demonstrates wisdom and a common love of God and seek counsel. Lay enough information there to be fair to the process of seeing counsel and objectivity and see what is said. Pray together or ask them to pray and think it over and get back to you if a deep subject with layers. Listen, but always listen knowing that discernment must be taken and allowances made that that person is a human with their own biases and opinions that may or may not be perfect for the job, but you get another opinion and that matters. Next, pray again that God reveals to you whether to trust that opinion and again what your decision should be. And lastly, make the best decision you can with the tools here and trust that decision followed due process, and LET YOUR FAITH GROW by sticking to the decision. A wavering flower that opens and closes at a whim is not as beautiful as that which stays open to show the world its beauty. If you have made the best decision you can, live there, embrace it, keep it, love it, accept it. Then you will follow this process more easily and readily the next time. Taking your time to make a decision is never wrong, it is not about speed. Some make it quickly, some take their time, but if you follow these steps, you are much more apt to make a correct decision and feel really good about it and yourself for making it. And I am very proud of you if you make a decision and stick with it. Courage is revealed through this. It is beautiful and blessed by God. Peace be with you!!!

Stopping Bad Habits

To effectively stop a bad habit, first you must pray for help. To be a bad habit, the behavior has been a long series of bed decisions that have been agreed upon. Step one is admitting you screwed up and pray for forgiveness and help. God is very, very forgiving and will forgive and help you every time you humbly ask. Fasting before starting step two is recommended also. So, step one out of the way, you begin step two, which is a conscious decision to begin a new habit of Bible reading, reading, cleaning, praying, whatever each and every time your body grabs for the bad habit. So, thou want to do what you’ve done before and I stead of doing it, you say out loud (and this is important), out loud I said, “No, go away in Jesus’ name. Not this time.” And you reach for the wholesome alternative you picked. You have to fill that spot with something positive. The words out loud are important. It helps you remember that it is a conscious decision you have control over. It also drives away evil spirits that may be tempting you to mess up again the same way they have before. We stop giving them power in our minds. They have to go. Step two is hard work at first but gets easier the more you succeed at this behavior. Step three is to forgive yourself. If you screw up, apologize and humble yourself to God again and get right back to step two again. Step one is always repeatable also. After a while, you wake up one day and realize the bad habit is no longer a part of who you are, what defines you. At this point, step four is an in depth Bible study into who God is and how He made you to be. This fills in truth into spaces where lies used to be about who you are, the delightful person God created on purpose out of love. It is just that easy. Lies upon lies are common in bad habits, but don’t worry, they will slide away with truth. Find one or two very trustworthy Christian friends of the same sex as you to confide in and encourage each other if you are able. You will find as you go through this journey of healing that complete restoration is possible and your life will be richer and more joyful and peaceful and meaningful as you go. It can be done. I know this first hand. God helps when we ask Him. Never forget that.