Chilling Out & Human Studies

What finds me baffled is how opposite everything is from what is once expected in the spiritual realm than in the physical one. In the physical realm, you push an object to get it to move. In the spiritual realm, you let go of the object and it moves. Let me explain. I have had a troubling ongoing trial with someone in my family. I wanted one thing to happen, they wanted another. I worked and worked in the physical realm to get my way, to have it go the way I wanted, because of course I was right (and so was the other person, by the way). So, the more I prayed for my will to be done, the less done it was being. So, the Lord got sick of laughing at my feeble attempts, I think (in my twisted imagination, no offense meant) and gave me a tidbit of wisdom. This was to let go. Quit. Leave it alone. So, after several more attempts to not listen because certainly I was still right (tee hee), I finally gave up. I chilled out. In chilling out, several amazing things happened. First of all, I suddenly had much more energy and time to accomplish some very useful things. Secondly, the other person started relaxing. Thirdly, my relationship with God improved because I was going along with His plan and forcing my own. Fourthly, I broke through that pesky weight plateau because my stress levels decreased immensely. So chilling out rescued my relationship and God is good and life is what it should be. I love irony. I am so thankful to be given yet another chance to learn something truly important and useful. 🙂

Fighting and Tumbling into Spiritual Maturity

There are some who seem born with this innate spiritual maturity, who seem to have it all together and often make sure you realize you might not be quite at their level as yet, which ironically gives hints that they may also not be to that level either. Some of us, like myself, sort of fight and tumble and fall into spiritual maturity. I have many many scars through the years, all made in attempts to figure this stuff out. However, I was extraordinarily blessed by a loving Grandmother and Aunts who love God tremendously and walk with Him and found it important to pray for me. Because of them and God’s generosity, I can say with all my heart that I am just a little girl who loves God and walks with Him and is learning and growing as we go. I believe that is the absolute highest level of spiritual maturity we can ever hope for. There will never be a red carpet or trophy in this brief stint of time we are precariously living in because the world, run by the enemy, promotes prideful ego and self love and promotion. Humble people get their reward later, but the reward is eternal so is much more important and worthy of effort. The absolute ethereal beauty of humbly walking with God into spiritual maturity is that He drives the bus through the throngs of obstacles on the road. When you begin to realize that we are too little to control the weather, we allow our polite God to come in and calm the storm. See? He controls the universe still. He is Master,Creator. He can every time where we can’t without him. He holds the world in His hands where we can’t always keep our laces tied. God is great and good and knows everything where we forget our glasses are on our heads or lose our car keys. Which of those people would a mature person pick to handle things?

This Life Fella

Life seems to give and take away. Life crushes you one minute and restores you the next. Life throws you around like a ragdoll and then elevates you to princess status. So who is this life fella? Why does he do what he does? I do not know the specifics but I know that we can manage our responses to life and thus work on the outcome of the manipulative life fella and his dice game of our lives. The little that I know is this. There are two people and their respective armies in a war and we are all being fought over. There is a good guy and a bad guy in this scenario. The good guy wants to save the people and the bad guy wants to kill and destroy them because he will never be strong enough to be the good guy. So, the bad guy lies and cheats and steals and manipulates the people they fight over with his armies because he is pouting and prideful. The good guy promotes and protects and loves his people and answers everything they ask respectfully. The kicker is that all of this is invisible to our human eyes and ears because it exists in a spiritual dimension of reality humans miss. And this is the gist of the reality of our existence. The result of this spiritual controversy/war is the this fella “life” is the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle. There is right and wrong that happens but ultimately, the good guy wins and the bad guy loses, but he won’t give up until he is thrown into a bottomless pit. The good guy is God our Creator and His Son who saves us. The bad guy is a fallen angel Satan whose sin of pride has become his most powerful tool against us. And life is how it all plays out. Now, what we can do with this life fella is read the winner good Guy’s writings (the Bible) and get from that instruction manual aka love letter aka moral story book aka history book exactly how to weather every storm. And we can talk to that good Guy any time humbly and respectfully and get help. Also, we can live accept the good Guy’s gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit to help see us out of life eventually into that spirit realm and rewards of heaven and peace and joy, etc. And, we can take care of our human bodies to strengthen our minds and emotions to help with the other stuff.  So, we may be tossed about a bit, up and down, but there is some things we can do to steady ourselves and be the better for it.

Independence Day

Our country was founded the right way by the Puritans through God’s leading. They worked with their authorities and governing bodies of England for as long as they were reasonable and cohesive with their beliefs. When that ceased happening, these people all went up against the greatest military force on earth at the time and won. We were the underdogs but had a great Provider who stepped in several times with just the right timing, natural interferences, etc. and led us to victory. Many ups and downs later, we the people can still be proud of our heritage, both our Spiritual and our physical heritage. We owe much to those who have through the years bravely fought for our freedoms that we enjoy and we can be so proud of them! Many freedoms were achieved at enormous cost! And yet here we remain. A battle still rages on for freedom. Now, our freedoms are being challenged from within. That enemy has infiltrated our children and public and personal lives and governing bodies and churches so prevalently that we are very much at risk of losing the freedoms we hold so dear. What can we do to stop this degradation? We as Christ followers can humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. Then God will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land. It is not the job of those serving the enemy to accomplish this grave task but the sole responsibility of us Christ followers. God responds to the pleas of His children when offered from contrite hearts. We can bring back our former glory and protect the freedoms so many gave so much for. We are the only ones who can. And we can’t do it proudly preaching and sinning in the same breath. We can only do it on our knees, praying earnestly with a contrite heart and pure motives. We Christians need to make this our Independence Day and independently take up our crosses and follow Christ. He is the One who makes us free and we are free indeed and we can bring freedom recharged to our beloved America.