Perfect Beauty

The more I study people and the more I study the Bible, the more beautiful people become to me in my mind’s eye. There is less and less beauty I see in the provocative clothing and outlandish makeup and plastic surgeries. More and more do I appreciate the beauty in an 80 year old woman whose wisdom shows through her eyes with the strength of knowing you’ve won the games out there. There is beauty in a person when the strength of their character outshines their appearance, no matter what that is. And there is beauty even in the untouchables or seemingly unlovables because of the simple fact that they were especially designed by the Creator. We all are amazingly beautiful because God purposefully designed us. We all possess some form of His beauty and specialness. We all start this world off with beauty and originality and gifts. Before we even enter the womb, we were thought out and designed by our Creator with our specific gifts, talents, struggles, emotions, etc. You are beautiful! God designed you to exactly as you are and even first thing in the morning with crazy hair, no makeup, fifty extra pounds, horrible breath, no coffee yet, whatever, you are spectacular because a little bit of heaven can not help but be left behind by a heavenly Creator when He made you. Stop trying to be less than the amazing person of beauty that God created you to be. Stop trying to fit someone else’s mold or be talked into another version of beauty that fails to measure up to God’s intentions for you. Stop seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes and see yourself as God sees you… beautiful!