Soul Connections

Tied at the soul. There are a few people you meet in life that fit your being like a glove. Sometimes it is a really good friend, sometimes it is a physical aspect to it, but always it is a love connection. Love comes in many flavors. It can be pure and sweet like a clear brook that sees to the rocks below and loves it adores all of it. It suits you. It is comfortable, home, peaceful together. It also can be a flooding, gushing, turbulent river where you meet and go through that turbulence together and understand each other’s struggle because you can relate to it. Either way, there is a connection of mutual understanding and experience. To know and understand someone really well through these experiences and opportunities is to love them and connect to their souls. Then there is a special beauty where we can be friends that share a connection- a hobby, music, art, carbuerator rebuild ability, similar pasts, whatever- that begins the understanding and it matures through time and experience and realizations of similarities and mutual appreciation. This blossoms to a soul connection that allows communication through feelings and conversations at levels too subtle for most to pick up on. To truly learn someone is a very beautiful thing. And these connection of souls operate at a level deeper than one can see, farther than the bounds of time and distance and never can be severed while life remains and some swear after. This perfect experience is a longing of the soul. We want connectednss, we long for intimacy of the souil with another. If the timing is bad, it is torture. If it can work out, it is bliss. Nothing is better. Except. When God is in both, there is also a spiritual connection. To be connected via spirit and soul is to have perfection here on earth that can weather any storm, cross any obstacle, overcome any hardship, help plow through the undealt forgiveness of the past, support both parties. This is where the most precious and rarest of all earthly pleasure and perfections lie. Here is where the best of us may be found better. This is oursweet spot. God in any connection fosters a stronger connection, produces a greater love, and He can fill in until such a time as both spirit and soul may be connected to another without limits or boundaries. And the sacrifice of some time in patience now will pay off in enormous dividends for eternity later. And if you have been blessed so as to have these connections to another soul and spirit, be so very thankful for it because some go much of tbeir lives searching for such a beautiful thing. Appreciate every day, every minute, breathe thankfulness.

No Such Thing as Ideal

Ideal conditions are the greatest tests of character. There have been several ideal situations in my life, which were either incredibly short lived or completely false. By ideal, I mean without any problems, all according to the desires of your heart, comfortable, idyllic, harmonious, balanced, poised for perfection. It is an incredibly rare place to be. And when everything seems too good to be true, it probably is not, most probably some beautiful fantasy or dream, some temptation or test. Yes, it can be a momentary reward, but most often is not. Some passions must go unanswered. Some desires will not be fulfilled. Some longings of the heart just will never be satisfied. This is how life is. We want, we covet, we desire, we feel, we emote our impassioned cries to the wind and long for transformation. But we long for comfort. We long for peace and safety. We long for perfection. There are enormous holes in our souls that are very tempting to want to fill, with an amazing person, a passion, a desire, a vice, a feel good thing. What that hole is really for is to connect us to the perfect God who made us and longs for connection with us He loves and made. We confuse that. It is abstract and invisible to fill a hole with something intangible, something invisible, something spiritual. We want what we can touch, what we can see, what we enjoy sensing. We move to fast in life to realize that God fills deeper and more lasting than anything else He made. His handiwork is what we sense, what we see, what we hear, what we enjoy and call beautiful and magnificent. He is found wherever we look. Those things we want to fill our soul holes are made by God. The difference between what satisfies permanently and what teases and leaves alone is focus and attention on the Maker of the thing or the thing itself. When we dig a bit Deeper and give God the props and attention rather than the thing, He doesn’t mind giving you what you want on His terms, for His purpose, by His Word. Such is life. But life is best this way in the long run.

Finding the Lost Pieces of You

I am not whole yet. I am still not connected to every part of myself. What I mean by that is not a cooky physical thing- thankfully all my parts are where they should be. I am meaning the spirit and soul of us. It is easy for the physical to eke in and distract and reason us away from connecting to the spiritual parts of us that help make us who we could be best. The spirit within us is able to forge through hardships our physical us would break against. The soul of us drives us to do and be when the physical says it’s all over. The spirit in us keeps us increasing in beauty and wholeness though the physical has begun its decline. All the parts of us combine to make us who we are. Some parts get stuck with traumas. That one part is lost in that moment of anguish and always acts like that age. Unless we yell out the pain and grief to the Healer (who made us and who knows much more about us and what we are capable of than we do) and allow Him to restore us. Every precious soul He lovingly made, including me and including you, is made for a fantastic reason to do great things for our Creator and fellow human beings and care for His earth. We women have the amazing ability to incubate a life inside us that God creates there with His touch and design of our DNA. We give birth painfully (thanks so much, Eve) but amazingly and the bond we share with this beautiful created soul and body and spirit is strongly love. Our challenges we face make us stronger together. Our experiences bind us further. Nothing can grow us more wholly than the love of our Maker. Nothing can fulfill and heal and anchor us faster than the One who knows and yet love us best. No person can fill that healing role for long but God can forever. Messed up like I have a lot? God heals and restores. Sinned? God forgives. Hurt with a caved in heart and grief? God can hug your heart and comfort your soul, inside out. Feeling ugly and alone like we all do sometimes? God knows everything about where your beauty and meaning lies. He knows the areas of weakness and every area of incredible strength within you. He honors and blesses us with gifts He drops down from Heaven when we are paying attention. He puts the right people in our path at the right time with exactly the right touchor word for that moment you need it. God organizes your finances toprovid what you need when you need it. Sometimes He tests and tries you because no good Father gives His kids so much without expecting them to grow and checking on them. And God is a very very good Father.

When the Painter Runs Out of Paint

I have plenty of energy today, but for a couple weeks my body has had energy (due to exercise, walking and a healthy diet) but the painter within me has been out of paint. I have struggled with grieving, feeling alone, wanting alone time, anger, frustration, disappointment, spiritual fatigue. It wasn’t one single incident that caused but a myriad of little ones upon big ones. And this was compounded by the fact that though I have been praying, I have not been reading my Bible as much to listen. This quiet slipping of the supply chain was not allowing the paint to be refilled and I was in very short supply. So, suffice it to say, even painters rely completely on their refilling of paint in order to do their craft. So, the lesson here is that all of us require fuel to perform, a medium to do our craft, food to grow, and this is true for our spirits and souls as well as our bodies. The two have different needs, and when one is healthy, the other may not be and that one is invisible until it gets bad enough to takeover the physical. So, the message is clear and poignant. Refill your paint regularly, daily through prayer AND reading the Bible and you will be a successful painter. Recharge your spiritual batteries or you will run out of power and rely on the much weaker physical body to get you there. The spirit, when refreshed, is the strength as God intended it to be. Our relationship with the Supplier of strength gives us strength. The enemy and my ego actively fight this very simple principle. We must be wiser than their trick is and buckle down to the reality of our need for God. A painter is only great as long as they have access to paint. 🙂

Simplify Your Way to Freedom

Simple is better. I feel so free after cleaning out the closets. Anything that has not been touched in a year for us goes to people who may be able to use it or donated to charity or given to friends who would have need of it. The year thing works for us. It leaves more room in our tiny closeted rooms (builders really should consult moms for closet space). And there is a definite feeling of freedom and positive energy flow when you de-clutter. Why have things you don’t need or use? Yes, we never get rid of pictures and rarely dispose of books, but everything else needs to be functional or needs to go. I have moved twenty or so times (and hopefully never again) and you learn very quickly that less is better. Simple is also better when we look at social clutter. There is a lot of social clutter about and entertainment clutter, for that matter. All of it suffocates the soul just like physical stuff suffocates the body and mind. It is all to be decreased as the valuable things are set free to thrive. I would rather play games with my kids and cook dinner with my husband than sit and watch something that doesn’t matter at all. Simplify and be free! 🙂