Gardening the Soul

Gardens do not thrive unless two things happen… 1. You put effort and resources into it, and 2. God works on and blesses it.

The same is true of our soul. When you feel dry or wilted or flooded inside, not thriving spiritually, it is never (unless it is a test) that God is not doing His part. It is far more likely we are not putting in the effort or resources. For example, not reading our Bible, not participating in church, not serving, not praying. Spiritual growth is not a one way effort, it is a relationship with almighty, loving God. No relationship is healthy without effort from both sides. And when the effort is mutual, it is beautiful and thrives.

So, if you tell me you are going through a dry patch or feel overwhelmed or lack luster spiritually, I will remind you to humble yourself and do your part because God always does His.😄❤

Writing Shows the Soul

When one writes well, the words convey the soul of the author.

I love the Bible because it shows me the soul of God.

I love reading books because it connects me with the soul of the writer. Doesn’t matter the physical manifestation of the author, the shell of that person is stripped away to obscurity and the mind and heart and essence (the soul) of the author is conveyed and appreciated. You also see the moral character, for better or worse. And this meeting of souls is beautiful. The story may support this but how it is written is much more important.

Never neglect the written word. Especially the Bible, as God is the most important of souls to connect with.❤

A Beautiful Soul

Not giving her name, I am paying honor to a beautiful, strong woman who has been broken but who rises from brokenness to new life. Her story inspires me. She had a dad and stepmoms who were cruel and abusive. She ended up in the foster system and was in many houses until she ran away and lived on the street. She met a guy and they moved in together, just to be robbed and beat up in a home invasion. He left her alone, without even checking in on her and she was alone again. He married and she aurvived and one year later he was divorced (with one kid) and they met up later and ended up married because of her big heart and desperation for love and family. They had kids and later she reunited with her dad who did not like her husband. They cheated on each other and were in and out of love for years and ended up divorced- his second, her first. She moved far away with the kids to start over. He followed her. She was divorced and done but he was the Father so allowed it. He dated many many women. She moved to another city for a job and he followed and found more women there, always loving her in a twisted way but she was still done. He remarried a horrible professional wife who demanded he not see his kids or pay child support. He cheated and his professional wife kicked him out and stole his money. He was homeless and penniless so she took him in. He helped pay rent and things were better. But the professional wife was struggling with the house she had taken from her last victim and she had enough of him so told him to leave so she could try to move on. He went back to the controlling professional wife and my story woman went on to find love and start over with a man who loved her for her big heart and love her through her brokenness. And this story inspires me because this man got his just desserts, new life can happen at any age, children are innocent in our crazy decision making and need to be considered and protected, sometimes scars can hold us together until God gets in to recreate them into something stronger, and because the best part is that she became a Christian and is saved now. We all have pasts, I have told mine in pieces- one day I will write a book that few will believe as true it is so wild- because we all have a past. But take time to learn people’s story because something may be gleaned from everyone for we each are unique and have unique stories only we can tell. And it may inspire someone else and share a new passion that can broaden your mind’s vision or maybe even stir a passion within you. A beautiful soul is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Longings of the Soul

My body has longed for things and people I should never have longed for. And that is a shallow, emotional matter which requires the help of God via self-control. I am not speaking of that otherwise. I wish to speak of the deep longings of the soul, the spirit. Most churches/pastors/society denies our depths in favor of the easier and more palatable surface/body/shallow/physical issues. Easier, lazier to deal with. Obvious. A moron speaks of such things without ever going deeper. The deeper longings of our soul and spirit are where our shallow stuff comes from. It is the why we do what we do. If we auchddress the behavior but never they why, there is a huge chasm in relatability and practicality and intelligence there. We have to go deeper to grow in spiritual maturity and deeper relationship with Christ. It just has to happen. So we have to ask ourselves heavier questions? “Why was that a temptation?”, “What made that desirable?”, “Why does that bother/anger/trigger me?”, “What do I need that I am not getting?” are all questions to start digging with. Sometimes we get stuck on anger comfortable, familiar lie that got stuck in there and replayed so long we take it as truth and it is tripping us up. For example, every guy I dated told me I was fat and criticized my appearance. So I took that as fact. I was unlovable because I was fat. Every guy. But I started digging. Why does it bother me what guys think? What do I need? And it turns out I have a deep desire and longing to be loved and accepted as I am, secure in love. And I was drawn to men who were critical because I was raised with criticism and that was a comfortable lie that I had nothing but flaws. The thing is, once I realized where I screwed up, I could correct it and if guys started criticizing, bye bye. I adndccepted not going to be comfortable around lies again. And further, I repented of that sin and sought out God to loving security and His perfect love is the only kind that loves me as I am. See, God is Who I needed the entire time. ❤❤❤