Single Seeking Someone, Anyone

Ours is a flawed social culture. It appears outwardly bankrupt and operates upside down from ways of old. We push sex down everyone’s throat, starting from children’s ages on up. Scantilly dressed, porn pushed, easily accessible, virtual girls, airbrushed barely legal girls flaunting everything for whoever wants to look or pay, live chat girls with no decency or modesty, plastic starving Hollywood actresses, and barely dressed models acting all sexy for everything from deodorant and perfume to insurance and candy bars and depends. No imagination at all in marketing, just use the easy go-to that sex sells. And then common girls, we gorgeous but not airbrushed with curves and cellulite (gasp) and who actually eat may happen to be single. I am married, but ma y of my friends are not and I write this for them. And these amazing women, who inadvertantly have watched Hollywood’s version of what romance and relationships ships are “supposed to” look like a little too much, wonder why they can’t meet Mr. Right and why when she does meet him he isn’t so romantic or isn’t for long because he splits as soon as another higher hemmed and more willing skirt walks by. It is because our society, including their views on other people, have a disposable and next best thing mentality that really really sucks. Really sucks. They want everything now and fast and free and new and exciting and better and porn, I’m exists fixes. As soon as something more enticing comes along, drop Mrs. Nice girl and go for the momentary thrill. Girls do it too, I am afraid. It all sucks. Wanting to be with someone, anyone has become vital to some kind of twisted self esteem or feeling accepted like a high school popularity contest. People compromise their morals just to not be alone. And here is the answer. Ready? You are never alone. God walks with you, loves you, longs to be closer to you. And you are His beautiful child, His love. The One who made you knows how incredible you are and He is never wrong. When you walk with Him, you are so much better off than with some stupid thrill seeker entitled narcissistic waste of time who won’t even stick around long enough for the flowers to fade. And when you walk with God, He provides what you need. And if your heart’s desire is to be married, He will send someone great and real to you that is worth waiting for. It will be the right timing for the right reasons. My thoughts…

A Long Ways From Normal is Pretty Close to Perfect

Many of my friends that I love or just know and many other acquaintances and many of my former patients were consumed about being or appearing “normal”, whatever that is. I started thinking what they actually are wanting or needing when they fixate on that and then I wondered why I never wanted normalcy. And here are my findings and contemplations. People are made by God to be social. We want to be accepted by others, fit in, be one of the crowd because loneliness and rejection are pretty serious fears of about everyone. If we think we deviate from certain social “norms” or standards or rules, we stand out and are more easily picked off and discarded (in our fear-driven minds). And this does happen to many with disabilities, deficits, or rule breakers who are carted off to jail punishments. So that fear is validated and supported in their minds. But fear is the driver. And while it is imperative to maintain order and safety by keeping the rules and moral rules of a society in order for everyone to be safe and free to move about the cabin, people take it to another level to (like in high school) be popular, well liked, okay, existence validated. Taking it to this level, though, can demand that you disregard a gift God gave you to develop that might not be so popular or normal, especially considering your family upbringing. Thus you might not be living to your full potential because of fear. One of the gifts God gave me is fearlessness. That has been challenged as late as my daddy’s health is fading and my hormones are in overdrive (that season of life) but I will get back to myself in time and be fearless once again. But that gift allowed me to not need to be “normal”. Don’t get me wrong, I am very moral and respectful of rules to maintain order and thus freedom, as it is necessary. But that is the extent of it. Being rejected has not been a fear because I am more afraid of missing out on what God intended me to do and gifted me with. As a kid, I loved superheroes and wanted to be one. And I can get closest to that by being all that God allows and empowers me to be because He gives more to those who use what He gave them. Respect for God trumps fear of societal rejection. That seems to be a good choice. I’ll keep it. 🙂

Innocence Lost

Once upon a time, children could run and play, just enjoy the joys of a game of tag or hide and seek, without regard to the world around or adult life. Of course there have always been some children forced to grow up too soon because of bad parents or bad circumstances, but mostly children were innocent. Now, I had to discuss many grown up things with my not quite 10 year old son because of his questions based on talks with the neighbor kids about things little kids ought not to know. No one is talking about this except an occasional parent I come in contact with. Our children are being robbed of their innocence at earlier ages than they can even understand. Satan is preying on our children because his time is short. Please do not be naive to this as I was. Please protect and safeguard your kids to the best of your ability and much more importantly, teach and guide them to know right from wrong and choose the right. We must be proactive, not just ourselves but on behalf of our children. We must fight for their souls. We must allow them as much childhood as possible to develop normally and properly. It is our jobs as parents to do the best we can. We must have those difficult conversations, we must correct and punish bad behavior, we must encourage and promote good behavior. We must read the truth of the Bible to know ourselves which is black and which is white in this increasingly gray society. We must not become lazy or complaisant. There is too much at stake. We must fight. If we don’t fight for our children, who will? When is enough enough? It must be now. We are losing our children.

The Importance of God & Morality on a Society

There is a nature to the universe, an order of things, a balance of things. God is the Creator. This is true and factual and cannot be unproven by anyone living or historical. It has been tried. The closest “scientists” have been able to come to disproving God is to claim “evolution” as their chosen religion of origination. They choose to put their faith in the unproven hypothesis (it is not a theory, despite what they say because a theory can be tested and proven) of evolution rather than the more rational presence of Creator God. Why? Why, when it takes more faith to believe order came from disorder and development came from mutations (which 99.95% of the time kill the host or leave it sterile). Well, because God has an enemy and this enemy uses dimwitted puppets to accomplish his goal of taking as many souls to hell with him as possible. Why so blunt? Because I am a Doctor. I have had science classes and research until the cows came home several times. And I am an observer of humanity and our environment. There is no possible way on earth that all this splendor and complexity came from a series of accidental mutations (again, which 99.95% of the time kill the host or render it sterile). It is impossible, not simply implausible. And they teach this garbage to children in school as a fact. Why? They (the enemy and his puppets) don’t want a God to be responsible to. They want to worship themselves and do whatever they want to do. So children are taught not that they are created on purpose for a purpose and a higher goal, but they they are the successors of accidental mutations and degenerated animals. Then they (the enemy and his puppets) take away the 10 Commandments (two of which are “Do not steal” and “Do not kill” and they wonder why kids are stealing and killing. Really? Is this a trick question? They (the enemy and his puppets) want us to kill as many of these children as possible before they have a chance to choose their eternal future and so abortion/murdering children is allowed. Why do children matter either if there is no God? Well, they don’t really matter that much if there is no God, I suppose. However, there most certainly is a God, so each child matters. And each person who murders one of them will be punished for it, whether they believe in God or not. He exists whether He is believed or not, whether He is given His proper credit for creating everything or not. God’s existence and presence results in the decision that we need to behave in a manner He directs for our best benefit, which we find instructions on in His written Word the Bible. So, morality is a result of these directions. And when they are followed, we have no crime, love, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, peace, etc., society would start looking like God, acting like God. Sounds too good to be true? Yep, because evil has gained so much ground on this earth. People would rather do whatever evil thing pops into their heads and look out for themselves. It is obvious this is happening. It is everywhere. People have chose to believe in themselves rather than their Maker. Again, this does not change the fact that He exists and we are indeed responsible and accountable for what we do here. Nonetheless, this is the importance of God and morality on society. Those who have eyes to see, let them see. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Teaching Children Manners

The important task of teaching your children manners falls on the parents. It matters not if they are taught as a side note by a teacher at school or Sunday School. The first thing we need to remember is that good manners will not stick unless they are being modeled by the parent(s). Parents with bad manners produce children with bad or worse manners. So, children seem to pick manners up from example rather than instruction per say. Also, children with good manners generally have, if not a direct love and belief in God, at least a healthy respect for His creation. Good manners shows respect for people… there is a morality exhibited, a way to treat people. So parents must pass that along as well. In addition, good manners need to be reinforced. Until it becomes a habit of considering other people’s feelings, we tend to only consider our own and so the creating of good manner habits must push the individual against the current of me me me and that sometimes takes reinforcement with punishments. Next on the list is work ethic, a dying-but-I-wish-it-wasn’t thing in culture now. Having good manners requires some level of energy and the willingness to do work well. It also, in a similar vein, requires some self-sacrifice. Standing up while an elderly lady accepts your seat is a self sacrificing thing to do, a good deed, no heroic thing nowadays. You then have the follow up of standing until another seat becomes available or the duration of your wait. Horrors! However, along with the requirements and expectations of good manners, and reinforcement of it, there is also a fabulous twist you can bank on with your children. You can tell them with all honesty that they will always be rewarded for good manners and respectful treating of others. This is a true Biblical concept repeated in Scripture. When you do good things with no expectations in return, you will feel good but also will have a reward, either here on Earth or later in Heaven. And it is even better if your works are unappreciated because God blesses you more for those. These wonderful rewards and blessings promised for us are worth some discussions with our children about them. Sometimes the smile and thank you received will bless your heart or the job you get because you had such good manners in the interview will bless your pocket book, but regardless of those things, you make society better, uplift morale and make Jesus smile down from Heaven at you. Please, for all our sakes, take the time to model and teach good manners to your children. Your efforts are worth their weight in gold, literally in Heaven. 🙂