Herein Prooves the Faithfulness of God

So, I sang my song this morning (“Take Me Back” from a previous post) at church. Of course, I humbled my heart and prayed before singing. I have not gotten nervous on stage for, oh, 30 years or better except when perforning an original song. With my songs, I have always gotten nervous. I think it is a part of yourself you are sharing with everyone else, putting yourself out there for criticism that always came. And I have never had a supportive spouse that encouraged my songwriting or even bothered to read my songs or hear them. And my husband is very critical so I keep them to myself.

Anywho, today like I said, I prayed. And herein Prooves the Faithfulness of God for He took over. I said “Let’s do this” and we did. And for the first time ever doing my own songs, I was not nervous. I even spoke before and told them the Scripture reference it came from and what it was about.

Many people came up and encouraged me and told me the song God gave me inspired them and they loved it. I am so pleased! God is faithful even when we are not and loves b us so much! He longs to draw close to us and just love n on us. That is why He helps every time we need Him and humbly ask. He is so good!!!😄❤

Heart for Worship

I have written a lot and still do write songs.  I used to wonder why God gave me so many songs with no contact to publish them or get them out to the world except the few places I’ve attended church.  I used to want the world to hear my songs and use them to worship God or mean something to them or help them.  I used to want to tour the world and sing my songs to help other people who have been through similar problems or who need to worship God with a new song or voice.  This was my passion for many years.  Now, as an old lady (39 really), married with kids, I realize something.  God gave me those songs as a gift for me and my worship and growth.  If people want to share them, great.  But we are told to “Sing to the Lord a new song.”  So, we all are supposed to be worshiping God the way He gives us to do it.  It is life-giving.  It is instructional.  It is our duty.  It is amazing.  Write them down if you can to remember God’s play on your life just then.  If you’re driving down the road and can’t write them, sing them out unabashed because you are given them.  We all have a song to sing and we all have one God to whom all songs belong.