The Crime of Busy-ness

When we do too much, we turn into Marthas, busy-bodies, doing the work diligently but not ever stopping to take time to sit at Jesus’ feet worshipping and conversing and learning. I quit Facebook and only Twitter about once a day for a few minutes. I disconnected from distractions and busy things that absorbed all my attention and time. Except doing dishes. I still waste my time on that. Lol But stopping unnecessary things and focusing on the main things and leaving extra time to just be and hang out with my family has made the world of difderence. We have opportunities to do things, talk about God, read the Bible together, hike in His creation, laugh, learn, observe, just be. Our bonding time has been so beneficial and I see the difference in all of us. Being too busy is not good, even if it looks like the things we are doing are very good things. God first and family next. Everyone else has to wait in line for their appointment. 🙂 This simplicity is important to me and as such I am guarding fervently. It is important to refuel and bond and grow together with God. Nothing is more important than this. 


Simpler is Always Better

I am complex because I am a woman. We can do a dozen things at a time and we rarely do nothing, even when it looks that way our minds are revving. However, all that said, in my old age I am realizing and appreciating that simpler is always better. When we choose simple in our days, our days have room for amazing things like conversations over coffee, digesting instead of inhaling meals, rocking on the porch swing while bird watching, hiking or walking, discovering back yard play things, playing board games, climbing trees, having more conversations, fresh air, more time for prayer and study, crafts, sleeping, etc. Oh the possibilities are endless! IF, that is, we choose simple things. Things are simple when they don’t require a tether to an outlet or internet connection. Things are simple when you don’t have to drive a car to get to it. Things are simple when they are quiet and calm. Even loud can be simple if they meet the other criteria. However much you do in a day, even if you have to be busy, you can choose to simplify your thought patterns by purposefully discarding negative or unnecessary thought patterns that arise in your cranium. If you keep the thoughts pertinent to the task at hand, helping you be present in the moment and participate in that moment, you have a success of simplicity that will feel so good that you will want more of that peace. And when you do this, you can feel the peace from God that our business doesn’t always let us feel. And you can worship better, more focused because of. Ring able to spend time sharing your appreciation of God and what He made with Him.