Christmas Madness

We love Christmas because we can celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a collective and that is beautiful. But I am not sure why this Christmas more than before has felt like madness. It is frustrating as all get out to go anywhere. People in cars cut you off, people cut in line and push and shove. And I am just getting groceries at the time! I believe that people are forgetting that Christmas is a peaceful celebration of Jesus’ birthday. That is what it is. Everything else is really unnecessary madness and distractions. Please remember this, and maybe simple is better? (And much less dangerous.)


Simple Life

Life seems complex because the enemy hurls distraction upon distraction at us all the time. It seems chaotic, but that is gorilla smoke in actuality. The truth of the matter is that God made life to be simple. His message is simple. Life is simple. We have to work for food and all that naturally because of that first sin but such is life. Apart from a little work, God didn’t set up universities first thing and require doctorate upon doctorate and ambition upon ambition. He simply made us with the ability to make right choices and worship Him with our talent gifts He gave us. It is simple, it is pure, and it is joyful and peaceful. The simpleness of it is so hard to wrap our distracted minds around. Yet, we can head down this simple life pathway by simply making the right choices for the right reasons. When given the choice to get over time or spend family time, we simply chose quality of family over more money. When given the choice to buy more toys for the kids for their birthday presents, make a memory instead through camping in the back yard or service projects or hikes. When given a choice to sin, choose not to. When given the choice to be distracted by something, choose not to. Turn the TV off, change from the troubling news, leave the complicated conversation. The enemy would have us believe we have no choice or because we chose that once, we are stuck there. Nothing is farther from the truth. He is not called the father of lies for no reason. Assume every line is a lie. God is all about renewal and new life. When Jesus came to earth He brought a simple love message, not complicated rhetoric too difficult to understand or follow. Life is simple IF you choose for it to be. You have to decide that simple is the goal and wait for God’s peace to permeate your soul when once discontentment did. It is all about one choice at a time and we can do it.