The Games People Play

I like Trouble and Sorry, Euchre, Dutch Blitz, Uno, chess, checkers, many others. I grew up playing these games. I even like Monopoly even though I am not greedy enough to win, it is still fun. 🙂 But of the many, many games I have played growing up, I never saw such manipulative, selfish, hateful, deceitful games in my life as I have witnessed and that have been forced upon me as an adult. Other adults play these elaborate games, and I to this day see no reward in them other than death and eternal housing in a very hot place. And I think what a liar Satan is, what liars have told us we have to look a certain way, believe and repeat back what they say to be loved or important but the love and importance is not real or permanent and guilt follows and death is the reward for your efforts. These games are in direct opposition to the truth and thus God. God is truth and His message is so simple and pure. Believe and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and be saved and have eternal lasting peace and joy and love. Wow! A breath of fresh air. Light. There is no trick, no deception, no twist or rug pulled out from under you, no broken heart, no regrets, no demands on your appearance just guidelines of modesty and cleanliness, good things that serve us better that promote moral integrity. No games. No games!! I like that so much I live it and you should too. 🙂 I want you happy and game free unless it is one we choose, like rummy with friends. 🙂


Life is Simply Complex

My conclusion thought, after years of study and experience with people, patients, kids, family, elders, is that life is really best when it is lived simply. I hear from them and see how fragile the human condition is and how much we need family and good friends to rely on. It is true. I do not know how I would have survived or would survive now without my best friend. I am not sure I would want to see the person I would have become without my Grandmothers’ influence in my life. Friends and family are vital. Love also is imperative. But that one aspect of life very quickly becomes complex for seemingly no reason at all. And here is the rub. Other people do not usually embrace simplicity alongside you. So their crazy charges into your simple spaces. And bam! Just like that life is more complex than you would prefer. So, on this sea of life we steer our boats along, maybe it is worth a little complexity to be relatable and reachable for people rowing around us. After all, a little tide now and then gets you to shores yet unexplored so you can search for buried treasure and maybe save a lost soul now and then. And maybe if we work on simple with some complexities, we can be simply complex and happy. A lighter side of approachable with something sacred swelling. Perhaps the light of our eyes will bring joy to an unpolished traveller. Perhaps the ease of our touch will lift the spirits of those weighed down. Maybe that is okay after all.

Put Your Actions Where Your Heart Is

Many of my blogs are about purification and focus on the Lord, both personally and church-wide. People read my blogs and hear me speak and nod emphatically and agree wholeheartedly and go home encouraged and then do nothing. It stops there. People want to be encouraged but don’t really want to act on their convictions because either they don’t think they can make a difference or are frustrated that no one seems to care or are lazy and want to feel good but not do anything. Herein lies the frustration of those of us who want restoration of our country back to God. It will not happen with happy thoughts. The Puritans didn’t invent and make our country happen because they felt good inside or had wonderful personal relationships with God internally that they kept to themselves. No, they got together regularly to pray, the most powerful thing that we can do! When is the last time a group of people in your church got together to just pray? Even if they said so, I bet they prayed alongside entertainment and a person’s message and many song with flashing lights. No, I mean just pray together earnestly for our country and the lost and our government. Well, no one would come. Maybe, but even if two are there, you have audience with the Lord Almighty and can start a change. And maybe in churches if we just sang a few simple hymns, read the Bible and prayed every single week and that was it, I bet you a lot of dollars this country would start changing. And I bet the church would also change for the better and draw people in. Many pastors and leaders of churches all over America read this blog. I dare you to apply it. I double dog dare you. So what if some people who don’t do anything leave. God will provide when you do things His way. And He will bless everything done His way for Him. I dare you to commit three months to a few simple hymns (no lights camera action), read the Bible and pray together as a congregation. You are the leaders of the church and you are responsible to God for it. Dare to be His and not be conformed to the world. Dare to get back to God’s original design. Dare to start a revival in this way. You will not regret it ever.

Simpler is Always Better

I am complex because I am a woman. We can do a dozen things at a time and we rarely do nothing, even when it looks that way our minds are revving. However, all that said, in my old age I am realizing and appreciating that simpler is always better. When we choose simple in our days, our days have room for amazing things like conversations over coffee, digesting instead of inhaling meals, rocking on the porch swing while bird watching, hiking or walking, discovering back yard play things, playing board games, climbing trees, having more conversations, fresh air, more time for prayer and study, crafts, sleeping, etc. Oh the possibilities are endless! IF, that is, we choose simple things. Things are simple when they don’t require a tether to an outlet or internet connection. Things are simple when you don’t have to drive a car to get to it. Things are simple when they are quiet and calm. Even loud can be simple if they meet the other criteria. However much you do in a day, even if you have to be busy, you can choose to simplify your thought patterns by purposefully discarding negative or unnecessary thought patterns that arise in your cranium. If you keep the thoughts pertinent to the task at hand, helping you be present in the moment and participate in that moment, you have a success of simplicity that will feel so good that you will want more of that peace. And when you do this, you can feel the peace from God that our business doesn’t always let us feel. And you can worship better, more focused because of. Ring able to spend time sharing your appreciation of God and what He made with Him.

Christmas Madness

We love Christmas because we can celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a collective and that is beautiful. But I am not sure why this Christmas more than before has felt like madness. It is frustrating as all get out to go anywhere. People in cars cut you off, people cut in line and push and shove. And I am just getting groceries at the time! I believe that people are forgetting that Christmas is a peaceful celebration of Jesus’ birthday. That is what it is. Everything else is really unnecessary madness and distractions. Please remember this, and maybe simple is better? (And much less dangerous.)

Simple Life

Life seems complex because the enemy hurls distraction upon distraction at us all the time. It seems chaotic, but that is gorilla smoke in actuality. The truth of the matter is that God made life to be simple. His message is simple. Life is simple. We have to work for food and all that naturally because of that first sin but such is life. Apart from a little work, God didn’t set up universities first thing and require doctorate upon doctorate and ambition upon ambition. He simply made us with the ability to make right choices and worship Him with our talent gifts He gave us. It is simple, it is pure, and it is joyful and peaceful. The simpleness of it is so hard to wrap our distracted minds around. Yet, we can head down this simple life pathway by simply making the right choices for the right reasons. When given the choice to get over time or spend family time, we simply chose quality of family over more money. When given the choice to buy more toys for the kids for their birthday presents, make a memory instead through camping in the back yard or service projects or hikes. When given a choice to sin, choose not to. When given the choice to be distracted by something, choose not to. Turn the TV off, change from the troubling news, leave the complicated conversation. The enemy would have us believe we have no choice or because we chose that once, we are stuck there. Nothing is farther from the truth. He is not called the father of lies for no reason. Assume every line is a lie. God is all about renewal and new life. When Jesus came to earth He brought a simple love message, not complicated rhetoric too difficult to understand or follow. Life is simple IF you choose for it to be. You have to decide that simple is the goal and wait for God’s peace to permeate your soul when once discontentment did. It is all about one choice at a time and we can do it.