Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask first, then receive.

Seek first, then you will find.

Knock first, then the door will be opened for you.

This is a paraphrase of Jesus’ words to us in the Bible, He said in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus gave us these principles to live by. And the trick to asking, seeking and knocking is always, always, ALWAYS humbling yourself. None of these things can be done if puffed up on pride, trying to control the situation, thinking you can handle it, making things happen yourself. Laying down the pride is a precursor to getting help of any kind. Pride puffs up and lies through its teeth that you are enough to do it all. Reality check later, we are all weak some kinda how and everyone needs Jesus to be their Savior.

And the beauty of the reward for choosing humbleness over pride is extraordinarily beautiful. He answers, delivers, welcomes with open arms every single time. Every time. He doesn’t respond if you are good or if He’s not busy or when He feels like it. Jesus always is right there with an answer to help as long as that humbleness is there. He is for you, for me. How perfect is that?!❤

Caliber of Character

The absolute best people in the world to talk to are people with the highest caliber of character, especially if they have many years under their belts. They have been to the circus and seen the strings and still managed to navigate life successfully on the narrow way of love and not fall flat under the weight. These amazing people are excellent examples and sounding boards for us as we attempt the same. A wise person seeks the council of the wiser. When we forget there are great Godly men and women who have been where we are now but successfully navigated, we are missing something. To learn from them, our spiritual forefathers as it were, is to seriously run after God’s wisdom and understanding. And wisdom is sorely needed in this time of life. There are obstacles everywhere, idols under every green tree, attacks in every dark corner. Yet we cling to God’s light as our strength and His wisdom to show us how to use His gifts and His light best. When we humbly seek counsel from experienced and mature fathers and mothers in the faith, we connect the dots. We also honor them and build ourselves up with their words and stories. To be able to uplift someone else as well as ourselves in of itself is an enormous blessing. 🙂