Second Chances

God gives second chances. And third. And fourth. So on. The thing is not so much that failure is not falling down but staying down. The thing is knowing that you have fallen in the first place. Lies are the fuel of the repeated bad decisions. Lies are often so much in control of the situation that the truth seems some dark foggy place. However, praise God that He is all about truth and clarity! Our constant mission as followers of the way of Love (Christ followers) is to constantly seek truth, which is always found in the Bible. There are no lies there. It is a lie-free zone. No one understands truth like God because He is truth. Truth is His business. His and our enemy is the father of lies. Lies is his trademark, his tool to sell his deadly wares. Lies like, no one gets hurt OR it’s okay to do some bad if you do some good to balance it out OR if it feels good or makes you happy, do it OR no one will find out. These are the most common, I think but there are so many more. Lies can only be brought to light and defeated by truth. There is no amount of therapy that will bring peace apart from the truth found in the Bible. There just isn’t. It is a fact and a good one because it provides hope and a way out. Truth is our chance. And salvation through Jesus Christ is the strongest part of that truth and hope. We have forgiveness when we humbly ask because God forgives and is big enough to forgive many times over. He longs for relationship with us that He made so He wants that forgiveness and cleansing of us. He longs for us to see the truth and have it set us free from guilt and bad and/or incorrect thoughts about ourselves and even Him. He gives us many second chances. Praise God!