Busy Season

From January to May is our busy season. We have baseball, homeschooling, PE, cleaning my mom’s house, church twice a week, chirch and our band practices, band gigs- a lot of them, caring for the dog for these months of heartworm treatments, quilting, patio remodeling to install windows, car trouble we are fixing, playdates, care for my kids, household care, birthdays of friends, etc. Busy season.

I have friends and acquaintances say they are too busy to pray and read their Bibles. And I can say that is a blatant lie. I am busier than any of them and I make the time to pray all through the day and read my Bible, blog to share and encourage, etc. You have time for what you want to do. Granted, I gave up all social media and movie watching and any other distracions to make time, but that is because God is my priority. You always have time for what you want to make time for. Always. Decide God comes first and you secure your eternal future and achieve peace and joy amidst love to help you now. Life without God is a rut and eternally meaningless and depressing bit with God there is strength and help and eternal security and meaning and blessings.❤

Hustle & Bustle

I can feel excitement around me. I can also feel a whole lot of tension. I can feel it. I can feel the tension of marketers working for their pay demanding we buy this and this cool thing for our kids and every other person on earth. Buy, buy, buy. Spend, spend, spend. Tension of other people buying that garbage and in the mix, “I gotta get that even if I don’t have enough money.” Some people are cool and some are just really tense and like about to blow or knock someone down or something.

And what is my response? How do I stay excited and skip the tense drama maddening otherwise really good people? I say with a smile, “Well, that’s nice” and leave it all to them. You can have it. I am preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The whole month is in preparation. I buy ingredients for our homemade cake. I am as generous and thoughtful as I can afford. I teach my kids something but the story every day. I serve people, help them, do things, bearing in mind how much Jesus did for us and does now. So just because someone offers you a plate, you don’t have to eat what is on it. “That’s nice” and walk away to do what you know is right and best. Tension and drama are not accepted and welcomed here. 😄❤

Baseball Season Goodbye

Tonight was the last baseball game of the season. We won. A mixed blessing… more time to do other things but we love baseball. And life continues to move forward. Happy, sad, on and on. At least next Friday we have the closing ceremonies at Tigertown to have one last seasonal hurrah. Super excited about that. And I just want to push this one point… getting your kids on a sports team is a great thing to do for their moral development and character as well as getting them healthy and away from utterly worthless and rather damaging video games and tech. It also is very American/Patriotic and wholesome. Baseball is the best I found for my kids, every kid is different. But get them out and moving and on a team. Wonderful to build humble confidence. I am thankful to God for this baseball season. ❤

Seasons of Life

Sometimes our hearts are ready for a thing but out minds or bodies aren’t ready for it. Perhaps we want to run a marathon but get out of breath running into the store from the parking lot when it’s raining. Probably not the season to do a marathon right away. Maybe so, after some training though. Then the body would be ready for what the heart is wanting to do. Then, you have the right season of life to accomplish y!our goal/dream. “For every season” from Ecclesiastes 3 used to bother me. I have a strong will and when I feel impassioned about a goal or dream, I would fight to accomplish that which I wanted to do and fight and scrape until it was accomplished, even if there was a great cost. To wait until the right time used to be a slap in the face to me. What do you mean wait? I would rather hear a no than a wait. However, praise God He has allowed me to live to a more mature Spirit, who now says that wait for the right season is an option. For example, I have learned that a man of God often speaks God’s will to his wife. This is certainly a Biblical chain of command. For this to happen, both the husband needs to be in prayer to hear God’s voice and humble enough to obey when it may conflict with his will, and a wife must be in prayer to hear God’s voice through her husband and be humble enough to accept the answer even if it is in opposition with her hopes. Obedience, however, is always rewarded, and our Spirits grow more healthy and more mature every time we submit to God’s plan and obey Him- directly or indirectly. Even the single person is blessed by obedience. Children certainly are. Sometimes, the answer is not yes or no, but may be wait for the right season. And that’s okay too because God knows more than we do and His plan is certainly going to be more successful than ours is.