The Forgiveness Factor

Much of the peace in your life coincides with your level of either faith and rest in God or forgiveness. The first is a given. When we release control to the hands of someone extremely capable who loves us determinedly, we will have amazing peace and security. However, the second factor trips many of us. Most of us can quickly and easily name off a list of offenses (offer serious ones) that have wounded either our pride or souls. Many of these are left in the lurch, with neither a desire from the offended to ask forgiveness or a further offense if we bring it to their attention. These open wounds fester with time, not diminish. It is our loving gift to ourselves and loving obedience to God and humbling of pride to take the responsibility to heal these wounds. We do this by praying for strength and the by forgiving the offender for the offense(s). This does not free the person of their sin- they are still responsible to God- but it frees you both of the burden of focusing this great attention on it and from the sin of unforgiveness. As we forgive others, we will be forgiven by God. This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and if you make yourself vulnerable to the unrepentant offender you will be hurt again so you must guard your heart. However, forgiveness frees you from a potential stronghold or pitfall in your life and releases peace and joy into that old wound now scar. The memory remains but the power of the memory fades. For severe wounds, forgiveness is a process of choosing to eery day. I guarantee that God will punish the offender, either in this life or the next or both, so do not believe the lie Satan tells that forgiving this person says it is okay. Far from the truth! It is not okay to hurt someone. However, not forgiving doesn’t punish them, it punishes you. God will handle them. Vengeance is His. He will repay. We want to live peaceful and free and forgiveness is the tool that will help get us there.