Jesus Christ

What a precious name. Not to everyone, unfortunately, but it is not He who dictates this. People decide for themselves. That option is in keeping with love, His greatest facet, His make-up. So people are very free to accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior or reject Him. Many reject Him because they see acceptance as limiting their desires or importance when the opposite is actually true. Salvation is freedom and eternal security. It is spiritual advancement into an eternal reward. In this life (spiritual and physical), peace and joy, even amidst persecution. In the next life (spiritual) which is certain to come after death of our bodies, eternal life in harmony and presence of God and those who are saved. Crying, limitations, sadness, enmity, hate, evil all gone. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? I declare from experience that any closeness to Jesus Christ brings closeness to eternal bliss. Hope is His exclusively. Jesus Christ, many call Him Yeshua, is the way, truth and life. He is the bridge between physical and spiritual. What a beautiful, precious, powerful, wonderful name! It is a name that produced faith and reason in this thinking doctor’s scientific mind for He made it. He owns everything yet came as a servant. He owes us nothing but gave everything. This is His measure of love for me, for you. There is plenty of love and hope for everyone He made. He wants us all with Him, following the higher way of love rather than base selfishness and greed/lust. Jesus Christ is the way to do this, the only way. People say it is narrow-minded to think so. The opposite is true. All are invited. Every single person is precious to Him. Everyone is welcome. ❤

Feeling Good Today

Missing my walk ended up being a good thing. Got some sweet time drawing with my daughter and a good talk with my son. And had some great time talking to the Lord Jesus Christ, my very best friend and only Savior, and doing art through quilting, mowing (got rained out yesterday), going to IHOP with my family for brunch, measuring out the back porch with my hubby and planning for them to start working on making a concrete slap patio a sunroom complete with hot tub. I am not sure how this day could have been better. And the most beautiful part of the day was that it was an answer to prayer. I have had several really difficult days, horrible even at times, hard days, ugly even in moments. So I talked to Jesus, my Heavenly Father, about this. I asked Him to help. I was not sure how exactly, but He knows my heart and what I need even before I ask Him. And He gave me a very good day today, a happy husband, a good daughter, a happy son, a wonderful day. This is how good God is and how wonderful it is to have such a beautiful personal relationship with Jesus. He is so much more than my Savior who died and arose to give me a way to be saved and assured of heaven, but He walks and talks with me as I humbly pray, He is my best friend, my confidant, my comforter, the peace and joy and love in my soul. I  so honored that He loves me. I am so honored to be His!! ❤❤❤

The Spider and the Fly

I just read this book to my daughter, who is 4 1/2. She saw it coming… “Why did the fly go into the spider’s parlor? She knew he was bad.” She asked the questions. I thought about that for a while. Why do we risk the danger for the flattery or hope of flattery? Why take the chance that the fly took just to tempt fate and meet the same demise the fly did by the deceptive flatterer, the spider. We have many flatterers daring us to tempt fate also. Some are honestly only semi-nice. Most are wonderful, soupy nice until they get their way. It is this way with temptation, with lust, with gambling, with pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are lured and tested and we play with it. We toy with the idea, entertain it too long. We come willingly into the spider’s parlor and are then surprised when bad things happen. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen to everyone, not just those toying with badness, but there are negative consequences to negative behavior- either now or later. And we must always exercise caution in our choices and not fall for flattery or vain promises. My answer to my daughter’s questions was “Pride.” As I explained, she seemed to get it. “Pride goes before a fall.” When we are proud, we want to be stroked, be attended to, be taken care of, we feel deserving. And while we all have specialness and special God given talents and pursuits, we are still prone to badness and cannot handle that alone. We still all need a Savior, and thank God we have One for the asking. And maybe with His help and our willful decision, our pride won’t draw us into the spider’s parlor.

Generous Savior

I just finished reading John 4 tonight and it is a wonderful example of the generosity of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All the sick came to Him and it says He touched them and healed every single one of them. Wow! Can you can imagine being there at that moment? It must have been amazing. It wasn’t like today’s culture with all its special effect and lively entertainment. These were simple folk in primarily fishing, herding and small town living area. The world was not yet conditioned to downplay the spectacular. They had difficult lives, busy with living and survival and fetching water and catching fish or raising animals to eat or to sell or to trade for needed items. It was a very real, very earthy bunch that lived a rather unforgiving life that were able to witness Jesus Christ come into their city and touch every sick person that came to him and heal them. He cast out evil spirits and commanded fevers to leave and everything obeyed Him. The gentleness and generosity of our Savior had to shine through in that place. Not only did he serve them where they were and with what they needed lovingly but He also healed the land, cleaned it up of its demons and illness and ignorance. He brought beauty to a very dismal and bleak existence for everyone seeking out that change, wholeness from brokenness. The very cool thing is that He still works that way today. He is still alive and still touches everyone who needs Him and still cleans up and restores wholeness. And when He does, it is still as amazing as it was 2000 years ago and shines out even brighter than it did then because the rest of the world has become distracted and lethargic and rebellious with darkness and evil. However, He still shines and can still shine in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is still in charge and still the same gentle, generous God He ever was and always will be. And we will see Him very soon.

What I Do Wrong

There are things I do right, some very well. There are other things I do wrong. Maybe you can relate to one of these. I am an angry driver when anyone thinks while they are driving that the earth revolves around them and they can drive accordingly. I tend to wish I was right more than I actually am right. I tend to act on those incorrect suppositions sometimes. I tend to not punish my second child for wrongs as much as I did my first because they aren’t quite as big a deal as I thought they once were. I tend to act and then think, much to the chagrin of my conscious when I find I stuck my foot in it again. I tend to live life first and clean up after it second. I rev up the engines of my mind before all the information hits it and backfires. I say too much at inappropriate times. All these things I freely admit to struggling with and the Lord is gaining solid ground on all these areas. We all have weaknesses. We all have evils that resurface. However, you are fooling yourself if you think these are coincidental and you come against your areas of weakness as any coincidence. Where you have fallen, you will at some point be tempted again. Why? Because our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and powers of this present darkness. You are under attack and the enemy tries everything until you give in to one of his certain types of attacks. Then he is lazy and just keeps pushing you toward that same temptation again and again. He just relentlessly tries until you give in again and then he goes after that thing stronger. His goal is for your sin to become a stronghold to distract you and keep you from a right relationship with the only Savior, Jesus Christ. I used to have worse sins, stronghold that were much stronger than my current subset but I am free of them now. Why? Because I am some holy and strong saintly person? No. Because I had help. I finally told someone I trusted about my “secret” sin (none of which is new to anyone on earth) and they helped me be accountable and prayed with me. Jesus Christ freed me and until then, I hadn’t understood how trapped and duped and idiotic I had been. Sometimes we need help, accountability. Other times we need strong prayer and repentance and just saying no. That depends on the habit of the sin and how embedded it is into your life. God can pull you out and there is freedom on the other side of it, life as He intended, and of course the amazing reward of heaven after it all. Hope is in Christ! And He is coming soon!