True Freedom

I had a profound thought. And I am fully prepared to say that probably I am quite late on this particular thought wave, and maybe you would think me simple for just getting it, but I just fully realized it. It has to do with true freedom. Here it is.

God provides true freedom and truth. He provided a plan of salvation but always leaves the choice to follow it or not entirely up to us. He freely gives free will to every person He lovingly created. Freedom. To go to heaven or he’ll is entirely up to us. I can choose to have a relationship with the Almighty God through Jesus. I can choose to be with truth and goodness of God and love for all eternity.

In stark contrast, Satan operates by controlling in fear and lies, lies, lies. He promises freedom to sin as much as you want and promises power in return. He actually does not have the authority to provide this so it is one of his many lies. Control is the name of the game. Guilt and shame ilicit fears when doing the sins you want to do. How he works is opposite of God. He is defeated so him providing you anything good is a lie in of itself.

So, I fully realized this today while doing dishes. And I get fully that I prefer love, truth and freedom to control, fear and lies. I choose God. I want peace and love and joy and eternal life with God. People fall for Satan because they want to sin. I would want to sin now and again and do unfortunately sometimes, but you and I are lying if we do not admit there are negative consequences to all sins that hurt us. Jesus saves. Satan condemns. Jesus clarifies. Satan confuses. Jesus helps. Satan destroys. It is a no brainer. God is best!!❤❤❤

God is Super Powerful

I love what I heard today on Bible teaching radio. He said that it is not like tv portrays it, that we have equal and opposite forces of good and evil. Satan is not omnipotent or omniscient, can’t read minds (but can read body language and behavior). So there is no direct comparison between our enemy (a created being) and our amazing Creator (omniscient and omnipotent). And Satan is a defeated foe. But he is more tenacious now because Jesus is Coming back soon and his time is very short until he is punished forever. God has won, friends! God had won before the war started! No one can defeat Him and thanks be to God He is loving and gentle and peaceful and totally digs free will. He gives us a choice. We can worship Him, the all beautiful almighty One who made everything we know of or we can choose to worship the defeated evil one whose biggest draw is temporary lusts of the flesh and temporary fixes. God of permanent peace or God of temporary pleasure with an eternal hell chaser. We have the choice. I choose God! You should too. 🙂

When People Attack

People attack us for a variety of reasons. It is always best to not assume a reason but ask it. If the person is unreasonable, guilty, doesn’t even know the reason or is self-deceived they won’t answer unless in further attack or passive aggressive behavior. Often, the asking should not be attempted until the other person is calm. Now, reasons can vary incredibly: the person is deflecting their own faults, they had a bad day and have anger issues, they are hormonal, they hate the color of your shirt, they are evil, they are jealous or insecure, they are proud or narcissistic, they are in pain, etc. Their attack is in no way a reflection of you because you have no idea what the real cause is. Nine times out of ten, the attacker doesn’t really understand that they are being dupes of the enemy trying to defeat and kill your soul and Spirit. Our fight is not really against flesh and blood at all but the spirits of the enemy sent to test and try to destroy us. Does that excuse the attacker of the attack? Nope, but it reminds you of the big picture. We are all responsible for our actions, either now (which is better) or in the future (which is eternal). However, when we are attacked we are also responsible for our own behavior in response to the attack. How are we supposed to respond to hurtful attacks? We are, ready for this?, to forgive. What? Yes, it goes against our natural and learned automatic man response to being hurt. However, God tells us that we are forgiven to the extent that we forgive. Should we run from and avoid the attacker? Well only an idiot would neglect putting up some serious boundaries so they have a layer of protection, but fear can become a stronghold and foothold for Satan, as can distrust in God and in forgiveness and dwelling on the hurt and worry. All these things can become ways for evil to squeeze into your life and cause you to stumble or hinder your communication with God. So, we are to forgive and speak with love to these people, stand for truth but not in pride but in righteousness. What does that look like practically? If I am called a name by an acquaintance behind my back, I go to that person and ask them if they said that. If yes, you can tell them that it was untrue for these reasons and hurtful for these reasons and that you hope they will go to God for forgiveness but you offer them your own forgiveness. That response can heal both parties because truth always sets free and forgiveness, no matter how they respond back, always helps you and frees you of the insult. Fear of doing this because of what they may think of you or how they may respond is directly from the evil one who we ts to steal your joy and diminish your faith. Fear causes further hurt and loss and tells God you don’t think He is strong or interested enough to help you when you need Him. By all means and definitely pray first and keep reading your Bible and God will show you whether their is any truth to the accusation that you need to deal with and discern the right words at the right time when speaking to the attacker. Try to keep your emotions out of the conversation to the best of your ability and in prayer because they cloud your judgment and will steer you off course and make it worse. Wait for a bit until God and you can calm you down enough to be effective in a discussion.

Purity, Holiness

If you look for holiness and purity in the Bible, you will find many, many references. There are many, and there is a good reason for that. When God repeats Himself, it is to emphasize that point. When He says things many times, He is screaming the importance of it. Many things are repeated often in Scripture, but to me holiness and purity are becoming beacons of radiant light in an ever increasingly dark world. Why? Darkness has it’s deepest roots in pride and lies. Evil has to have the roots of pride and lies/deceit in order to grow in strength. Holiness and purity are uncorrupted by these things because their basis is humbleness and truth. You cannot be holy and pure as a human being without thinking more of your Creator and His service than you think of your own desires. And you cannot be holy and pure as human beings without God’s truth solidly and securely clung to. If Satan is the father of lies, God is the truth, and that is the way it is. When truth becomes a low priority, evil has a door to enter through. By settling for some innocent lies, you no longer have the resistance to evil and corruption can enter. “Resist the devil, and he will flea from you.” That is our command with a promise. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is another. How can you be holy amongst so much corruption, even within the church? The answer is to embrace truth in God’s Word and in prayer and humble yourself, a short cut way of saying to know that God is Gos and His purposes are much more important and longer lasting than our own. To be humble is to know that God designed you purposefully and incredibly with gifts so amazing that our life radiates with thankfulness to Him. “Be holy as I am holy” seems at first to be the most difficult command in the Bible, but I assure you that if you embrace and carry truth with you by reading the Bible and having a running prayer dialogue with the Almighty Father and be thankfully humble before the Lord, you will come as close as we can. Purity is achievable with these ingredients and a fair dosage of the fruits of the Spirit.

Lost Cat

This is a sad story.  It begins, as many stories do, with an abandoned, unwanted, sick, unlovely cat showing up at our doorstep, begging us to be his family.  Unable to send such a wretch away, we adopted this cat and loved it full bore.  We heaped food, water, medicine, warmth, comfort, all we could.  In time, this sickly, skin-and-bones cat grew healthier.  He gained weight, he grew less sick, and he was family.  We loved him.  I loved him.  We named him “Go Eat, Baby”, because that’s what we said to him most often.  So far, sounds like a happy ending.  However, the neighbor neglected to keep her pit bull mix (that had been mistreated) in her home and it was loose.  It came into our yard and attacked and killed our precious cat we had nursed back to health.  It was horrible, heart-breaking and devastated us all.  This was yesterday.  After late nights for everyone over our grief, I sat down to the computer to look for distraction.  And it hit me.  That is what Jesus goes through every day with us.  We are that cat.  We crawled to Him as a last resort, all hope gone.  He lovingly adopts us and nurses us back to health.  When we are starting to do well and enjoy life, here comes Satan to attack and kill us if he can.  We must not let him!  We must not give him that power!  We are safe in the arms of Jesus as long as we stay there.  If we run back when danger draws near, we squash all the generosity and meaning that Jesus heaped on us and invested in us already.  He nourishes us.  We must rest in Him and continue our path to a healthy soul!!