Carrying the Sacred

I carry the sacred with me. I touched on that with a previous blog and love the idea. We each hold some ideal sacred, whether it be courage, patriotism, faithfulness, love, joy, professionalism, respect, honor, hope, whatever it is. It is our precious belief, held dear because of our response to seeing that ideal in action at best and wanting desperately to see it because we never have at worst. There is always, in the best of men and women, that one thing or thine two things that make our belief system what it is and that carve out the depth of our souls. For me, as a follower of Yeshua, the Messiah, my sacred parcel I carry is the Holy Spirit who guides and directs and showers my best ideals. So, life takes on a depth of purpose I cannot obtain alone, a strength of character and being I am lacking without this sacred package. Some carry sacred parcels with them that are heavy to bear, such as loss or deprivation. Sacred does not always mean beneficial, I am afraid. But digging down deep, with some focus help or a share of my package, the negative can be converted to a positive and loss becomes the ideal that you wish to fill the void with something precious or deprivation becomes an ideal that you want to impact the world with helping others not be deprived. Sacred, when done correctly and healthily, is beautiful and tender, a meaning that deepens our gaze and warms our soul. When we carry our sacred parcel well and courageously, we are at home and secure wherever we are, we are bolder and richer in spirit than we once were. It is a tender and amazing thing but also an empowering one.


The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

The most beautiful place on earth is different for everyone. Yet it has one thing in common to all. Some people may think it a loft house in the city with exposed brick and fresh flowers in front of a tall window. Some may think it is on top of a mountain overlooking a plush green valley below with quaint villages exposed. Some may think winding prairies with long blowing grasses and many animals and birds freely living together harmoniously. For me, many places in America, England, Poland and Russia hold immense and diverse beauties of their own. But as I age I can see more clearly that each person’s idea of the most beautiful place in the world is based upon what they hold sacred and their experiences with beauty in life. And each person then is correct. Because for each person, the most beautiful place, whether they realize it or not, is that place that fulfills the vision for them of the most sacred, most enjoyable aspect of God to them. Some appreciate His people, preferring the city life. Some prefer His creation, preferring more rural country. Some prefer His creatures, preferring prairies. Some prefer His majesty, enjoying mountains and grand waterfalls. Some prefer His order, preferring sculpted or tiered gardens.  I am not so particular, for better or worse, and I can find my most beautiful place in the world wherever I go because I carry the sacred within me and I can gain pleasure from any environment. We each appreciate beautiful places, though the eye of the beholder varies its gaze. Each specializes in what provides what you need most in everyday life to make you whole and thus closer to Go in that moment. It is a phenomenal discovery to me.