Run the Race

Never give up. Run the race. Finish the course before you. And on your journey to heaven, don’t forget not only to focus on Jesus’ arms ahead but on the beauty of the journey itself. There is glory in everything God made… His fingerprint and breath, His design and inerrant beauty. Run the race with purposefully beautiful intentions.❤


Sin Masked

A sin masked is still a sin. A sin disguised or explained away is still sin. If it is wrong without an explanation, it is just as wrong with one. The dark side of sin is that it is disguised as light. Wrong is disguised and masked to look like right. Nothing bends and contorts to work to look different from what it is then sin. Yet, it remains sin. A deed you only feel comfortable doing when no one is watching is a deed you should run away from. Sin is sin no matter its mask. Sin will destroy you no matter how pretty it looks. Run from it. Don’t entertain it or see how close you can get to it. Just run and it is one exercise you will never regret. Staying will lead to regret.

Politics: When Pigs Fly and Doves Snore

Our world is backwards right now in many of the obvious and very prominently media-covered parts of the world. Pigs (meaning crooked prominent folks making bad decisions for everyone else) are doing very well, allowed to get away with murder while doves (common folks or basically anyone who isn’t a pig) snore soundly in their beds, content to laze about while pigs get their way. I am not generally so political but sometimes a patriotic daughter of a Marine needs to say something. If I could get myself to be more elusive and guarded and bending of opinion, I would run for office or the Presidency or something just so I know one honest pig out there would be making decisions for the doves that don’t seem to want to put the pigs in check, which is their God-given and patriotic right and duty to do. I would run for office and lose because I would be too honest and no one would vote for me. I mean, in an age of snorers, who would vote for a potential pig shouting, “Change Back!!”? See the problem? I wouldn’t get very far. Snoring doves want pigs who stroke their ears and reinforce their false sense of security and make empty promises that sound wonderful. What does honesty have to do with our society anymore? Isn’t that an old fashioned notion? And the other pigs whose game and lavish lifestyle I would be threatening would have me for lunch with a side of public thrashings with a wet noodle.

These have been the rantings of a little girl who has had enough politicians twisted up in lies and scandal and ineptitude to last a lifetime. If I am nominated (which would never happen) to run for a political office, I would run these jokers out on a rail, tarred and feathered, like the good old days when no one put up with their tricks and lies. Which of course would land me in prison and therefore strip me of my title. And there is the rub. An honest politician does not exist because they would never make it into office to begin with. No one seems to want honesty or place value on it. So what can one citizen/dove/person do to make a difference? Become informed, wake up, pray specifically and knowledgeably, vote down bad and vote for good. And more importantly than any of this is to know well that God expects us to live for Him first and foremost and behave and decide everything accordingly. He is still in charge of the universe, despite the smoke and trickery and distractions of this world. And He is coming back soon for His people. Christ follower status is infinitely more universal than patriotism to a specific country. Devoted to Christ we stand, divided from Him we fall. In God we trust! More importantly, in God I trust!