Rolling and Tumbling

There is a song with that name that my husband likes that I can never remember how it goes, but it is a very appropriate title for me right now. A lot of things are here banging me around, as is true of most of us these days. Some days are mental challenges for us, a few are physical ones, but all are full of ups and downs of various sorts and to various degrees. It is unnerving if we start believing the lie that we are all alone going through it. We are not. We have a caring Heavenly Father who has a lot of clout and a lot of love for us and is with us every time we humbly ask Him to be. Every single time. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes we ask without really the humble part. Sometimes we can focus on ourselves and our feelings, too much self focus, and we lose the focus on God that we need to have. When we start just focusing on one attribute of God that we appreciate and thank Him for it, praise Him for it, worship Him for it, read about it in His Word, etc., then we are meditating on Him. He blesses that. He also removes the negative thinking we were stuck in and lifts our view. Then when rumbles and tumbles come into our life, we are on God’s even keel. We can have His peace as comfort and His companionship as encouragement.