The Rock That Supports Me

When my daddy was still alive, he was my rock. He was the one person on earth (other than my best friend Shawn) who loved me unconditionally no matter what. Since he passed, I needed a new rock to support me. And when I found my Rock to support me, love me and lean on, I realized He should have been my Rock all along. This Rock is Jesus. I was close to the Lord most of my life but still tended to lean on my daddy for support and strength because He was the strongest person I knew. And I realize now that all this time and even now Jesus is way stronger and should have always been my Rock. I mean, He defeated death and that after enduring the worst beating in history and dying for sins we committed. This is the strength and love of our Rock, the Holy Savior who longs to be our Rock. I cannot tell you how much peace and joy come from humbly relying on Jesus Christ for everything I need. You have to discover that for yourself if you have not already. It is never too late.❤

Built on the Rock

I just finished reading Matthew 7, and at the end of the chapter where He speaks of building our house on either sand or rock and what the consequences will be of either choice. I thought about this a new way and I always believe that the Holy Spirit teaches you something new each time you read a verse through. So, my thought was a picture of two houses side by side, very carefully building their lovely homes on what each considers solid rock. No one would be stupid enough to build on sand on purpose, right? My thinking is that the guy’s foolishness was not that he was building on what ended up being sand but that he was duped by not doing diligent research himself to determine the validity of the claim that what looked like rock was indeed sand. Perhaps this foolish man took a trickster’s word for it instead of asking the right people the right questions or reading up on the nature of the rock found in that area, etc. Perhaps he was a fool because he deluded himself and talked himself to believing this was rock and safe because it was available and he didn’t want to go to the trouble of finding another building site. Perhaps the sand had been carefully mounded up with the right amount of water and paint and even a rock veneer to seem realistic and the man believed it rather than testing it. Maybe the man bought it site unseen and then was too prideful to admit he had done something wrong and built on the site anyway out of pride. Any of those scenarios would still be foolish. The only rock we are to build on is Christ. There may be people who go out of their way to represent Him to you but they are clever disguises. Some may be the enemy’s pawns and try to mislead or deceive you into trusting them or something/someone other than Christ to build your life around. Some may trick you or your own pride will not allow you to base your life on Christ after making mistakes or bad choices because you don’t want to lose face. Maybe you’d rather believe a person than pray and read your Bible yourself. But if you are wise and if I am wise, we will pray and read our Bibles and humble ourselves to ask Christ to be the strength of our lives and shelter us from the elements. Then we can stand up against any storm.