The Right Stuff

What is right to do is what has always been the right stuff: loving people because they are lovingly made by God. There is nothing more right than that except for loving and celebrating/worshipping God Himself. Our mission in life, our purpose and meaning is just that simple. This is the will of God. We love Him and love each other. Everything, even salvation, is based upon those things. We are saved because we love and honor God and He said to follow Jesus. We exist to serve,care for His work a ship, worship God and love each other. This is simple stuff, uncomplicated. The right stuff is simple. Of course, complications and distractions are everywhere. It is easy to be pulled away from what is right. Very easy. But we have God’s Word to anchor us and prayer to focus us. And this is how we keep the right stuff as our protocol. There is innate beauty in the simple.

The Right to Speak and Laugh

We all have the right to speak. We all have the right to laugh. And we have the right to offend anyone we would like to offend freely. We have the right to annoy people by laughing at a situation instead of crying. You have the right to annoy me by laughing loudly while I feel sadness. I have the same right. I have the right to say whatever I wish and you have the same right. The thing is that these rights do not always have an “until” button built in. Until you hurt someone. Until you make someone wish they were not. Until your words are responsible for the pain of another. Until there is an innate or learned “until” in your head, wisdom dictates you do not express that which you have a right to express. And those so easily offended need to harden up but those so easily bullies need to shut up. And somewhere in between these extremes should be the rest of us who wisely use our until buttons and exercise freedom of speech with good manners. Good manners should be taught by the parents and adults example or school and church if that is too difficult but good manners are good and make a huge difference. I wouldn’t say some things even though it is my right to do so because it is rude or bad manners or mean. I would never silence a laugh. Thank God for laughter. I believe it is God’s gift to keep some of us sane or alive during bad times or happy during good ones. Laugh, talk yes! But use good manners. We will all be better off. This friendly reminder brought to you by the little girl tired of good people being silenced by bad mannered big mouths.

Amazing Contradictions and Ironies of Life

When we are following the way of Christ, the deeper your walk, the greater the realization that the world stands in direct opposition to the way God designed nature and us to work best. When you do the right thing, you are accused of having the wrong motives. When we are humble, we are accused of being high and mighty on our clouds (proud). When we refrain from speaking judgment on a person, we are accused of having judgmental thoughts. When we have a Bible on hand, we are accused of being hateful of people who do not appreciate it in their lives. Those who do wrong are not held accountable because something in their past was less than adequate for their moral development. Scientists teaching nature as magically evolving without God force their religion on our children and wonder why our children don’t feel special and important or feel a moral code is necessary. We who try to give our children a faith in God are slammed down as irrelevant and unscientific or idiotic and opposed everywhere. Children are forced into moral relativism by our public schools who deny God has any saying the precious children He lovingly made and we who still love Him are old fashioned and abusive. Anyone who kills an unborn child except for the mother and doctors who have broken their Hypocratic oath are charged with murder yet these murderers go uncharged. Right seems wrong. Wrong seems right. Atheists are not content to foolishly deny the existence of God but seem on a mission to force everyone else to join their foolishness. If they don’t believe they are answerable to a God, why aren’t they happy and content and just leave us alone? We are accused of being close-minded but where we keep our beliefs silent unless asked, those who live in a way opposing our beliefs shove that down our and our children’s throats. Everything is upside down. No one wants to rock the boat and struggles to be politically correct and yet the boat keeps rocking and their is great wrong everywhere. These things are a sign for us and a warning to stay the course. Keep the faith in this era of crazy and our reward is peace and love and joy despite it all. These backward things should be mended by our government and fellow Christ followers and we would see America blessed again. However, even if uncorrected, we true followers of the way must keep the faith and rest assured we have peace and joy and hope in the midst of it all. He has overcome and we will be with Him soon. We are not responsible for what the world thinks of us. We are responsible for our level of obedience.

Right/Good vs. Wrong/Evil

Since gray is such a popular color these days between what used to be black and white, I feel compelled to shed some light on the subject of right vs. wrong or more correctly good vs. evil, just so we can be all on the same page and have a list to reference when in doubt. Right: speaking truth. Wrong: lying. There are no exceptions to that. Right: having sex with your spouse. Wrong: having sex with anyone else. There are no exceptions to that. Right: working in all we do for the Lord. Wrong: not working because you are being lazy. There are no exceptions to that. Right: reading your Bible and praying daily or more often preferably. Wrong: not reading the Bible and/or praying. There are no exceptions to that. Right: encouraging others. Wrong: discouraging or berating others. There are no exceptions to that. Right: comparing yourself to Christ for His standard of holiness. Wrong: comparing yourself to others for their standard of holiness. There are no exceptions to that. Right: working to show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness and self control. Wrong: not working for any reason than yourself. There are no exceptions to that. Right: training your children to love God and know how to take care of themselves and work. Wrong: not training your children or letting someone else unchecked. There are no exceptions to that. Right: respecting and loving your spouse actively. Wrong: ignoring, disrespecting and not loving your spouse actively. There are no exceptions to that. Right: actively working on spiritual and intellectual growth toward maturity. Wrong: negating growth and maturity in favor of constant entertainment. There are no exceptions to that. Right: honoring God with what we watch, see, hear, speak and do. Wrong: dishonoring Him in any of those areas. There are no exceptions to that. These are to instruct and reference if there is any doubt in your mind placed there by the enemy who is constantly lying and seeking to destroy and damage everything and especially everyone God made. I hope it helps!