The Pulse of the Sea

The pulse or rhythm of the oceans, the tide in its less romantic term, are dictated by the moon. Something so distant drives the waters to move in or out. The ocean does not decide what it will do that day. The moon decides. The water does not go where it will, it goes where it is told. The water does not work to figure out its day and plan to accomplish its own goals, it waxes and wanes as it is pulled and ordered by the moon. The moon sets its pulse. More importantly, the moon sets the tempo and rhythm for the ocean to be able to dance and where it is free to move. The moon has the power, though far away, seemingly intangible. There is a connection, a long distance relationship between the two. And the moon, with its great power over the vast ocean, is responsible with its power and only plays the role it was commissioned long ago. There is an order to the universe. There is an internal rhythm set for us all because God loves it when we dance. He is the orchestral lead. He orders our steps and the moon’s tempo. And why is this important? Because we move in response to love and that love is served best from God. He has to direct its timing. He has to create the perfect setting for the dance He so wants to watch us dance. He knows best. And His timing is perfect and worth any wait.

I Got Rhythm but My Rhyme Hurts

Don’t you love songs that don’t rhyme? No? Well, you’re not alone. Most people want songs to rhyme. Who cares about content, who cares if your rhythm is amazing and melodies kick it. Rhyme is the thing. Imagine what would happen if rap songs no longer rhymed. Wow, I think guys would pull their pants up and try to find the culprit really fast. Oddly, I worked very briefly with one producer who had written songs in his hay day based on rhyming words, whether they made sense or not. Didn’t take me long to leave his studio and never look back. Now I prefer songs not to rhyme all the time. There is a meaning then without quite so much predictability. So when writing songs for me, the rhythme, the tambre, the melody, the harmonies, the chords, the meaning of the songs, the feeling the song invokes, all matter so much more than the rhyme. In fact, and don’t tell anyone, songs don’t even have to have words (gasp) to be great. See Green Onions or Apache or Sleepwalk, for example. And for all those of you who do not write songs and could care less or understand more about what I am speaking, let me hit this up front… In life, how you flow through your experiences, how smoothly you breeze by, how much sense it makes at the time, how it rhymes and ties together, all these bits of you, matter extremely little apart from the fact that you are here now. You kept time, you stayed on the rhythm of your heartbeat and made it through, with or without being the way everyone expected everything to go. You may have defied the norms to become something greater than them, like me not rhyming but still writing music. You may have hit some walls and sometimes not made sense or saw a way out, but by golly you found one. God got you to this spot where you are reading this. And no matter how often you rhymed or lived up to expectations of life and society, you did indeed live, so you kept a tempo, you invoked a mood, a feeling. You should be extensively proud of the beauty of you and the grace of God to help you be where you are and learn all you have to be exactly who you are. You are unique because of your experiences and God could not love you more. So celebrate your journey and may it always have rhythm and maybe sometimes rhyme too. 🙂

Love’s Rhythm

Attached to every thought and every emotion, there is a corresponding pulse, a rhythm of the heart which quickens or slows, races or crawls through life on its journey. The rhythm sways with the current of love, sometimes swaying in the wind in a carefree moment or rushing through the sky in pounding sweeps. But rhythm drives us, passion drives us. If done right, the passion merges with the rhythm and love is given flight and accessibility. Love always finds expression in the rhythm. And the rhythm is always seeking the fulfillment of love. It drives, it quenches, it plays its game, it rests only when the untame meets its natural order to complete the dance. The love dance is the key and the mode will always best be expressed in the rhythm. Not in the lyrics, for words are often deceptive. Not in the melody, for you can dance without the melody. Not in the accompaniment for the same reason. But the culmination of the dance love will be born into must have the rhythm, they must meet. They must merge into one expression. They will.