Gardening the Soul

Gardens do not thrive unless two things happen… 1. You put effort and resources into it, and 2. God works on and blesses it.

The same is true of our soul. When you feel dry or wilted or flooded inside, not thriving spiritually, it is never (unless it is a test) that God is not doing His part. It is far more likely we are not putting in the effort or resources. For example, not reading our Bible, not participating in church, not serving, not praying. Spiritual growth is not a one way effort, it is a relationship with almighty, loving God. No relationship is healthy without effort from both sides. And when the effort is mutual, it is beautiful and thrives.

So, if you tell me you are going through a dry patch or feel overwhelmed or lack luster spiritually, I will remind you to humble yourself and do your part because God always does His.😄❤

Opinion vs Fact

Opinion versus fact. Personal thoughts versus truth. Beware of opinions. Everyone has one and no matter how good the person is, they are still human and their opinions are based on their experiences and biases. Truth, however, is an unbiased fact that God established, is proven, is perfect and reliable every time. Truth you can bank on. Opinion can rob you. Always check for truth and thr Bible is the reliable source. Nothing in it has ever been proven false/opinion because God wrote it and He is truth. Check the facts. Do not let a blind man lead you. Trust the Light of God!😄❤

The Gift of Fasting

I have the habit of fasting on Wednesdays and have since I started early last September. Why? Several reasons:

1. I have fasted weekly because I am very very busy and am overwhelmed with how much there is for me to do, how much faith God has in me to work for Him. Fasting empties me of myself and makes me rely once a week fully on God for the strength and sustenance to get through the day.

2. Fasting allows more direct prayer connection to God. It is obedience because we are commanded to fast, and God always rewards obedience with closer relationship to Himself and blessings.

3. God provides so much clarity while I fast. Any doubts or cloudy thinking are erased and clarity in truth is left. I am not sure this is a Biblical n promise for fasting but it certainly is my personal experience. He provides truth and the rest burns off through the day.

4. God answers prayer. Faith is increased when fasting because it is putting your money where your mouth is to trust God for energy and health during the busy day and He honors faith every time with answering prayers. Yes, He answers prayer anyway, of course, but when fasting, the communication is much more intimate and direct and answers are more personally given and acute. And the more specific the prayer, the more certain the answer.

6. Forgiveness is easy when fasting. I had enemies before I started and have none now except God’s enemy Satan and his demons. I have no enemies in people form. I realize my enemies are not flesh and blood. I get that so much now that I hold no one accountable for their sins against me or myself accountable for sins against me or anyone (I have asked forgiveness of everyone I have wronged to the best of my ability) and wisdom and understanding replace that. When strongly in the presence of a perfect and loving God, those menial (seeming huge at the time) do not matter. Even the worst of crimes against me or hardest times gone through, I am now thankful for most because it brought me closer to my Heavenly Father God. I tell on Him more.

7. God is closer to us because fasting lets Him be. Distractions meander off. When hungry, I am more focused on prayer. When not cooking for myself or eating, I have more time with Him in a more focused way. Distractions of life also leave. They just do

These are the blessings from my gift of fasting. Fasting is a gift of obedience to God in meaningful, deep, powerful prayer. The gift is mine really, as I feel better and stronger than at any other time in the week. And it a gift to God He rewards for I am truly putting Him first in His rightful place in my life. This is a reset for me also to set the tone for the rest of the week to maintain His place as first in my life always.

Although it is commanded for us to fast, it is amazing how many Christians I suggest fasting together with that have a million excuses why they never fast. They don’t want to. I understand most won’t want to fast weekly, but monthly at least due to the end times condition of the world.

I firmly believe if more Christians did fast, more good would be happening, more blessings occurring, more people saved, more souls saved for the kingdom of God, more churches growing and not diminishing or closing. Fasting with prayer is the most powerful tool in our arsenal. And thr enemy really wants to keep you from it because he knows it. FAST and PRAY. See if God does not bless you richly for it. Get someone in church to fast and pray with you. Open your heart to God in this obedience and see what beauty He unfolds in your life and what protection He provides you. ❤

Standing Up for What is Right

I believe strongly that the closer your relationship is to our triune God Almighty, the more you read, study and read your Bible (and long to) and pray. And the closer your relationship is to God, the more you resemble Him in the fruits of the Spirit and the more you lobe, embrace and long for truth and try to please the Lord- no that is wrong- the more you know God loves you dearly and you want to obey in return. And the more you do those things, the more driven you are to act on that knowledge and personality and stand up for what is right. And that is the natural progression of growing closer to God. And every true Christian should want to grow closer to God. They are one in the same. So I wonder stops us from standing up for the Lord? Standing is easy- perfect Love casts away all fear so fear should never be difficult out of fear. Standing can mean fighting for justice, truth, honor, dignity of life, etc. But generally standing fighting is steeped in and driven by love and truth. We cannot be ashamed or afraid or any distracting and preposterous thing like that. True Christians know that the spiritual truths of God are eternal and our future is eternal and things of the flesh are temporary, even the pain of it. And that also means the future of the lost is also eternal. And we should want their salvation more than we fear temporary pain and possible rejection. So that love drives true Christians to stand up for what is right and love people toward salvation. And I am not seeing many true Christians nowadays, just a bunch of babies who want their worldly comforts more than spiritual correctness. It is ticking me off and giving Jesus a bad name and many people should be very ashamed of that and repent. I have and am doing that now. I am not better than anyone else but just really really want us to do our part and help save the lost and stand up for God. Throw away the temporary worldly distractions and do your job. Love. Serve. Speak truth. We must. It is time.❤