Far Be It From Me

I am not a judgmental person. I call other people who claim to be followers of God out on the carpet though because I don’t want His name disrespected. So if you claim to represent Him, you had better do so around me. And likewise I expect to be called out when I screw up too. I should be. It would be an injustice to God and me not to be. But to defend God’s rep (we being the only view of God some people will ever acknowledge) is the absolute only reason to call someone out. To do so to make yourself look better, to deflect or distract from your sins, to point fingers in some self righteous pious way like you are better, that is a heck of a different story. I will rip you to shreds. In love of course. It is not my place or your place to ever say anything but love speak to any person at all because of their words, life choices, actions, anything. Why? Unless they are followers of Christ and committed their lives to Him, they are not held to our moral standards. It is apples and oranges. And when you judge, it is mostly done out of pride, guilt, lies, unforgiveness or a vendetta of some sort. You can only judge when you are perfect. Far be it from me ever to judge anyone and claim perfection. No such puppy here. When defending God’s honor to people claiming to represent Him, leave the entire conversation only to that end for that reason and do so without judgment because you are no picnic either sometimes. And remember our love talk which should be always on our lips. Love is the force which drives us in all we do. Following God means we are for Him and not for us. That means in everything. Which is so cool because His blessings always outweigh what we think we give up. So awesome He is!! 🙂

Judging the Judgmental

I am a follower of Christ and His way of love. Now, I use that statement intentionally because the shorter version “Christian” has gotten quite a negative connotation because of so many using the term that do not know anything about my precious Savior and what He stands for and what we should act like. And any title should not be used unless the title fits the actions of the title holder. If I take the title of a company, for instance a “banker”, I would be expected to offer services in an efficient and friendly manner and not disrespect the clients, tell them how to spend their money, criticize them for flamboyant spending or pocket their money. There are expectations with a title. And when anyone takes the name of “Christian”, they should know how He showed us to live while He was on this earth. He was loving above all, healed people, talked to people, was not rude, DID NOT JUDGE except the hypocrites, accepted people, touched people, so on. And I can instantly know the spiritual maturity and depth of study of anyone using that beloved title who runs their mouth judging everyone and never offering any loving word or kindness or anything. We have no authority whatsoever to judge a nonbeliever. Fellow Christians need to be held accountable to represent Christ but believers are never to be judge, lifts eyebrows toward, looked at funny, belittled, shunned, anything. Jesus Christ hung out with unbelievers all the time. Why? Because His primary objective was to win souls for God and be an example for us to do the same. If you are not going to love on people and share the Good News and give people hope, shut up and do not claim the title of ” Christian”. We who claim the title are held at a much higher standard so you are not doing yourself any favors either by trying to look pious with ignorance behind it. We are still called to share our blessed hope, and this world needs our bright light of hope now more than ever. Man up. Woman up. Be a follower of Christ, yes! But don’t even claim that unless you are seriously committed to acting like Christ to the best of your ability and studying and living what that means, which is serious and pure love and NOT judgment. And you preachers need to apply this to your messages from now on because y’all are the leaders. Judging is easy but ignorant and foolish and not the way of Jesus Christ. Love takes much more energy and is the way of Christ. You will never criticize a person to the cross but you can certainly love them to it. Be the hope and love and joy and light, Christians. We all need that in our world so badly. Live it. Represent.