Today I Reset

God blessed us with a rain day, a day off of PE. I am happy because my sinuses around my eyes are going nuts right now and I needed some time alone with God to just breathe. I had to reset. My mind has played some reruns and wrong channels lately and it was really getting me weighed down and feeling far from my Savior. So He gave me this morning off to get my heart into contrite mode and give everything to Him, confess and just repent. I told a friend about it. And God forgave me (as evidenced by the feeling of a smile and burden lifted) and we are back. And God is so precious and so good and loves us so much. I feel Him close and am so thankful and want to give Him glory for His love and grace and just compassion on us. He may be the only one in the world that loves me and that would be enough, all I ever need. He loves that well. 😄❤❤❤

The Problem With Comfort

The problem with comfort is that it generally yields laziness and lethargy. It gives an unrealistic expectation that comfort will just continue without necessarily working for those things which make you comfortable. I fear for my fellow Americans because they are so comfortable right now. They have grown accustomed to God’s blessings without realizing we have been lazy and have not followed His way of life. We have killed an atrocious and vile number of babies for convenience and irresponsibility and to hide evidence of constant fornication and adultery. We have accepted Homosexuality as normal and even given that lifestyle preferential treatment. We have idolized people in the entertainment industry adultery and plastered our unadulterated attention on promoting our preferred personal on Facebook. We have allowed pornography everywhere adultery did even taught forms of it in sex ed to impressionable kids. We have taken God out of school and children and growing up not knowing right from wrong. Shame on us! We need to pray and fast and repent and call evil out and correct it. And if we do not do these things, how can a holy God keep from judging us guilty? Only His grace and those of us praying holds back His anger from our soil and we Andre seeing it grow thin. Repent. Pray. Fast. God is loving and will forgive you when andrenyone humbly prays and calls on the name of Jesus to be saved, and you will save your soul from judgment now and eternity without Him. Neglect salvation and you certainly will not be saved. It is your choice as it has always been. God is waiting and if we all turn back to Him maybe He will heal our land and save us. Tough words, but I believe God put them on my heart. Please listen to them. Please!❤

God the Great Rebuilder

I am struck by how great God is at rebuilding people. I have heard testimonies and read autobiographies of people who were so incredibly transformed by the power of God. I have heard of countries transformed and that is the hope for our country. But about us, people can be murderers, rapists, bullies, addicts, prisoners for horrible leadership crimes and whatever the histories or past of anyone, when any person alive humbles their heart and confesses their particular crime to God and asks for His forgiveness and healing, God does that. And he fills in that person’s now empty chasms where sin had damaged and He reforms that potential structure even better than it had been before. God is a master builder and His love matches His skill and beautiful expression. He even does that for the worst of sinners, those with “little sins”, like slander and gossip and laziness and lying, who feel better and holier than everyone else and make sure everyone knows it and is judged sinful. These are the worst of them all, so readily do they put down and not lift up. But God can remind their lives as soon as they break out the humble and confess and pray. God can even make these vile folks gorgeous!! And in my life, I was a baddy, so bad, and God reformed me into a pillar of strength and beauty and wisdom and understanding, empathetic and warm where I was callous and cold. God did that. All I did was break and humble myself and pray a lot and read my Bible. God did all the work. I am so proud of Him for who He made me to be. He is so skillfull. And He can do this for anyone. 🙂

Changing Lives

In my latest teens and early twenties, really most of them, I was a mess. I mean by that that I am not sure how I survived that time period but for the grace of God. In fact, if you would have seen me then and now, you would wonder if I was the same person. And here is the thing… I was not the same person spiritually, and through that God changed me physically also. The main reason there needed to be a change for me is because I started to detest who I had become. I had changed into a person I could not stand and knew I was far from my Creator. I was a lost soul. When you are lost, if you have a sound mind, eventually you get to the point where you know you are lost and wonder how you got there. And if you have good counsel or access to a Bible or just pray and cry out for help, you are given a chance to change back into the person God made you to be. And when that happens, here comes the change. Now for me the change was gradual, baby steps back to health, but even gradual progress was rewarded by a peace I had not remembered. And the steps forward were rich with prayer and Bible study and. Tiny steps back and bigger steps forward. And now I am closer to the Lord in my walk than I thought possible, forgiven, clean, loved, beautiful. Other people I know did an about face from without God to God, but I and many others I know were steppers back. It doesn’t matter which your story has in it, but change back to God’s way of love is a beautiful journey and is rewarded both now and into forever. God is good! He is the only home of love. God is the space of peace. God is the sparkle of joy. Apart from Him, it is a very cold and heartless world. You can see that everywhere you look. With Him is incredible blessings, even as simple as realizing forgiveness or enjoying self-control or knowing unconditional love. Change is so good.