There are some precious memories we store up of childhood adventures and things and places that we will never get back but becomes a part of who we are nonetheless. At the time of childhood, these things are not given much thought usually and are passed over very casually in a hurry to get to the next thing or go to the next place, usually scheduled. Some such things are tiny, like certain toys you played with at your house or a good friend’s or relative’s house. Some are places, like a favorite park or creek you played in or at. Some are experiences, like stealing a roll of life savers and your dad taking you back in to the store for you to confess to the store manager. Some things slip by, but it is the little things that lay together to be the foundation of your soul, your security and basis for many of your views of life. Thinking about many of these little things has caused me to think about living more purposefully with my kids so I linger on those details and give them what they need to string together a strong base. I sometimes wrestle with this with my oldest because his father and I divorced when he was 4, so I wonder if I broke his foundation. But where there are little breaks and tears and maybe huge fissures in the foundation, I know from personal experience that God can step in and not heal but fill in all those fissures and fractures with Himself for a more glorious purpose. And where the Lord is, there is beauty. And where we live on purpose for the Lord, there is hope for our children to love Him as much as we do or more. So, the little things are not an end of themselves but a tool to help create diversity and from that diversity, God paints His kingdom mural. When we do the best to give our children meaningful childhoods, God is redecorating the world for its and His greater purposes.