Stumbling through another intense workout the trainer had put me through, hell bent on killing me by sheer maximizing of my will, all the horrific exercises beat a lot of weight out me. The excess weight ran away in terror, I think. Just because I am a hard worker doesn’t give a trainer the right to dig into discover the limits to my abilities. The limits never came until the next day when movement illuded me all of a sudden. And then, here in this far away land of California I found myself living in all alone some years back, one amazing trainer invited me to her yoga class. From Michigan, we’ve not much use for yoga there in the small farming town I am from and I thought yoga was some mystic religion of whackos. I went because she seemed normal enough and I could always run out if it got into worshipping three headed toads or something. So, off I went, greatly skeptical and close to the door in case. We stretched. Then we stretched more. It was relaxing. She said we were working. That was unlike anything I had ever called work. We were resting, it was a breathing and relaxing class. A far cry from 2000 squats from earlier in the day, this was a little touch of heaven. Nothing hurt after or the next day. I still am uncertain of it being work to this day, but I sure feel amazing after a good yoga “workout” (snicker). So, the kids and I do yoga still now. Not quite as relaxing and sometimes quite funny with my daughter’s interpretation of a stretch or my son quitting early because it is too hard (I wonder if children have a lower tolerence for relaxation). So there it is. If you want to breathe better and become more flexible and feel like you are not even working, then yoga is worth a shot. Prepare to relax, though, and don’t forget your nap mat. 🙂

Mom’s Toes in the Sand

So, a vacation just happened to the beach. When you vacation with children, the youngest being 5, the rest of the family vacations really and this mom hopes for a few quiet moments to dig into the sand and plant herself there… for days. However, that usually doesn’t happen, so I satisfied myself as usual with making sure everyone else was having a good time and vacationing. So I thought about my ideal vacation. Get ready for something deep and profound. My ideal vacation is a day… at home… alone. I would take a few hours really, at least a half hour, 10 minutes even. And in this space of time without anyone wanting this, needing that, pulling me here, wanting to go there, talking, always talking, never ending the talking, etc. Because on vacations where everyone else is relaxing and I am working, when we leave I get back home not to relax but to unpack and clean up and put away and so on and get dinner because they forgot they ate an hour ago. So, whoever wishes me peace, this would come with some time off. That would revitalize me for a long time. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries the way they can do that best. We are all different. And I am happy to have had a great experience with my family but I’m exhausted. If you need me, I’ll be sleeping, exhausted from my “vacation”. lol  (We had a lot of fun, I must say that 🙂