At the Beach

So we took a family vacation to the beach for a few days. I know, driving 1 1/2 hours to the beach is not such a big deal as some people have to travel to get there, but this vacation was special. It marked the first time the kids were old enough to send them out without us so they didn’t have to wait for me to finish making the sandwiches and things thus no guilt. Yay! Also, we are right on the beach with our motel and can see the kids on thr beach just ten yards or so from the balcony so they can test their independence without me losing site of them should a problem arise. It helps that they swim like fish and know self-defense (we have role played many potential problems and what to do and I taught them what my dad taught me). Lol. So, here is the very first beach or any vacation for that matter, where I can vacation too. I can relax. I can even, as I did yesterday, take a walk on thr beach alone and watch the sunset. That was the most beautiful sunset of my life. I thought for a moment about who would love to see that sunset and them let it all go and just basked in the glory of God’s work and paint job. It was truly divine. I was blesses to see His magnificent work and so blessed to be refreshing with family and Him! God is so very good!!❤❤❤

Refreshing Rain

We have had our typical dry season winter here in Florida and from the afternoon to now and looks like for more hours to come, we have been blessed with a beautiful soaking rain. It is fantastic to hear, feel, see. It is most refreshing and beautiful. God sends rain at the right time to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, whether they appreciate it or not. I, for one, appreciate it very much.❤

Painting Walls New Colors

This room has been my slumber center, my shut eye headquarters, and when Kathleen was newborn, my attempted sleep spot. My bedroom is my sanctuary, a child free zone (or so was the plan), a respite from noise and toys in the rest of the house. And it has served me well in this role. However, the medium dark antique green that adorned the walls felt as if the walls were starting to come in a bit and as pretty as the color was, change was desperately needed. So comes the choices, which color do you choose? I wanted peaceful, first and foremost, and cozy. I wanted that same feeling from the beach motel recently visited. But do you go sunny yellow or warm sand or water blue or even a soft orange? And for once in my life I did not tie in this room’s color with the rest of the house, in warm hues. I opted to refresh and change and sought a little welcomed advice and voila, Mystic Sea, a very light sea  foam greenesque color with a hint of blue. Immediately, the room feels bigger, the ceiling higher, the peace and freshness of the beach is here. It is truly amazing what a change color makes. White or eggshell paint has no place in my home except maybe the trim. Love lives here, life, a story. I want to enjoyy my hhome,create a welcoming cozy atmosphere my kids and their kids will love coming home to. A home is colorful because we who live here are such as well and it should reflect us. So don’t be afraid to do something different. You can always repaint it, half the fun. 🙂 And a little paint is the best, easiest and most economical way to transform  your home into an art piece. I am so glad for the change!

A Day on the Beach is Worth Three in the Home

One hour and a half, to be exact, on the beach was worth three at home. How is that possible? The beach is a magical place of refreshing that naturally denies tech its normal dominance. It is a place where children may explore and play in nature and adults can be children. It is a place where comic relief is a bonus when others are noticed wearing inappropriate suits for their body type but who cares. It is a place where pelicans plop into the water to capture their meal hopefully and then rise triumphantly out of the water like kings whether they did or not. It is a place where looking at the water soothes you but being too far in makes you feel like you’ve taken 2 rounds with a much heavier weight class than yourself. It is where you become dehydrated no matter how much you drink though completely surrounded by water. It provides a nice tan or a scarlet burn depending on your diligence to continually apply exfoliating sunscreen (because now mixed nicely with sand). The beach is a place where hundreds of people can collectively look out into the ocean and feel tiny. It is a place of vitality and warmth, sun and shine, food and entertainment but all in an off the grid fashion. Why an hour and a half? Because that is how many quarters we had for the unexpected and highly annoying parking meters at the beach (and a change machine seemed to not be among their priority list). But, that hour and a half was worth days elsewhere for the reasons mentioned above. Who knows how many more days of beach weather we will have, but I thank God for this time with my family (despight my husband’s horrible cold, bless his heart). The kids had a blast but one more bonus is that now they are out cold. So good! 🙂

Refreshing Rain

People speak of rain like it’s a bad thing. I see it quite differently. Rain is refreshing. It cleans the air. It waters the crops. It provides magnificent contrast to ceaseless sunshine. It forces action. It provides for life sustaining water to drink. It also is quite lovely to listen to. Much the same way, rain spells of trials and unexpected experiences in our lives yield the same potentially positive results. We have the chance to learn and grow from such experiences, we have the ability to appreciate everything for having gone through worse. We are cleaned and purified through these experiences in our lives. We know full well something better is coming in our futures so we can humble ourselves to rise above these challenges and allow refreshing to happen. New growth and life result at the end of it. Sure it is dark and inhospitable at the moment, but every storm ends. Every storm ends. Don’t begrudge the rain. Don’t detest it. Don’t grumble or complain about it. It is an opportunity to improve and grow. The rain will refresh you if you cooperate. Or it can just make you all wet. That choice is yours. 🙂