Rocking the Church Boat

I love my church. However, I truly, from my heart, believe all churches are not right in the spiritual head though meaning so very well. There are many religious traditions and expectations that have no place in the Bible, where our example of how Jesus wants His church to be set up and carried out. I have no wish to offend and will not call out particular wrongs but rather wish to convey what God says to do (see Acts). 1. Those meeting together should meet in homes if possible. If they grow too much, then a larger place to gather must be found. However, monies collected are to help each other as there are needs and then in service to those outside the church to help them as they can. Nowhere in Scripture is a fancy church building supported. (They cost too much and the real work is not accomplished then.) 2. Believers read the Bible. 3. They sang and worshipped God together. 4. They prayed together and sometimes fasted. 5. They shared their faith with others around them. 6. There were elders and deacons and deaconesses serving in different roles of service to the church. That is it. No sermons even. Everything else is fluff, unnecessary, distracting, expensive, often with politics resembling the world more than the beautiful bride of Jesus Christ, His church. These are things to consider. This has been weighing on my mind for months and the closer I get to the Lord, the more it burns in my heart. I needed to voice it. And being written now, I would challenge a reformation and accompanying revival of the church to take place. Who is brave enough to go out in faith and get the church going as God designed? Change is difficult but always worth it, in my experience. I challenge every Christian. Who are we trying tog please? Us, the world, or God? Think on it and pray and see where God leads you. ❤



I heard a call in radio show today on Moody radio as I was headed to my parents’ house. The question was whether it is necessary or we are obliged to attend church regularly. I listened to one speaker who believes formal church services are unnecessary because we are to be more than just building attenders and are to serve together instead. They do meet casually sometimes whenever they want to get together. The other speaker said regular formal church attendance was a mandate of the Bible, penalized as sin if not done. Now, here are my thoughts. The word for church in the Bible is the assembling together of believers. They assembled to sing hymns and spiritual songs and pray and read the Bible. And yes, the Bible states that we are to do that. And now, more than ever, we need to meet to encourage one another in our faith and focus together on God and our salvation through Jesus. If we don’t, we only hurt ourselves and weaken our faith because this world, especially now, is an evil environment. Also, meeting together maintains accountability, also valuable in a dark world. Now, is it required that there be a minister or pastor or this happen in a certain building or structure? Absolutely not! It can be in homes, common meeting places, wherever. And a leader of the group is nice but a sermon giver is not a necessity. A Bible reader is imperative, though. Some sermonizers are wonderful and some I love hearing, but if their opinions are presented rather than just God’s truth, it is corruptible and must be tested with truth. And is it enough to meet together? Nope, because we are all called upon to minister to and serve others. If these believers are not doing anything to prove their faith and serve others, they are not doing what they should be doing. Again, this is just my thoughts. I guess I am a purist and believe the Biblical model of the early church as it is written should be followed as it is written. I firmly believe that unless God calls people into missions on purpose as a full time commission, no one else should be paid in a group of believers meeting together. If everyone agrees to purchase or build a building, everyone should pay for that but keep it modest and necessary. But money from tithe should go to help people, first in the church and then the community for the glory of God. I believe there would be much less corruption, more help for people, fewer issues, less hypocrisy perceptions, etc. I am sure this is not a popular viewpoint but I believe it is Scripturally sound. I believe if we get back to a Biblical model of the early church, it would revive and grow and thrive and bless people and allow for a greater attendance of believers together. We need Biblical purity in church, in our lives, in our work, in our parenting, etc. and we would see beautiful and amazing things happen in America, our homes, our lives, etc. We are short on time to save people and we must change what we are doing and get back to the Bible exactly as it is written. Live by truth and you will never regret dying.