Be Real

Do not be anyone other than the beautiful person God made you to be. Be real. Do not be fake, counterfeit, masked, make-upped, unrealistically pious, devious, distracting, drawing attention to yourself, trying to avoid all attention, obnoxious, avoiding, etc. We need to be real and pure of heart. Humble. Honest. We need to be the salt and the light and that never happens with insincerity. It also doesn’t happen with laziness. It happens when we embrace our honored name of Jesus Christ to whom we now belong and live as if He matters more than we do because He does. That is sincere. We need to be real. Or we are no different than anyone else and do no good at all for the Lord. ❤

Love Stays

If he or she left and threw you out like garbage, that was not love. If they are gone, it was not love. Love stays. Love protects. Love looms after the interests of the lover and not themselves. Love is patient. If they were impatient, it was not love. Love is kind. If they were unkind, it was not love. Love does not make an account of wrongs. If they lord mistakes over you, it was not love. Love forgives freely and generously. How do I know all this? What makes me so sure? I have been loved like this real true love I am talking about. And let me assure you, you will never find all this in a person apart from them walking first with the source of this love. This is God’s description of love, who He is naturally. God is love. God’s love is true and pure like this. Love stays. And if it is real love, it stays, protects, serves, among the other characteristics mentioned and found in 1 Corinthians 13. I have loved with this pure love but been loved back by only one or two in my lifetime. Sometimes you are close enough to the Lord to understand and love someone and they simply are not spiritually in the same arena and cannot love you beyond their own comfort. This is not love, you must understand. This is something else mismatched. It cannot last, will not stay, lies to you both. Do not fall for it. Fall for God, love Jesus for He is the only One who can love you. Of course a spouse can but God definitely has to be involved in the relationship. There is no other way. Love stays. 

Real Monsters Don’t Scare Me

No, monsters don’t scare me. They do exist, they are just not what people visualize. Real monsters are people, looking like someone we know maybe. These monsters have decided to turn their back on goodness and embrace their own selfish desires above the good of anyone or everyone else. These, folks are the real monsters. But even those we do not need to fear because these monsters are never as powerful as goodness. God is bigger. So, what on earth do we need to fear? Nothing. That which we need to pay careful respect to is our relationship with God. Our fear of displeasing Him should trump our desire to be pleased or we become the monsters. But this can be done. It requires a focus on good, a focus on and many conversations with God, a regular reading time in the Bible and positive friends with encouraging words. With these tools of salvation under our belts, there is never a reason to fear. Even monsters have to leave when you tell them to in Jesus’ name. Never fear. Do not be afraid. God is bigger than anything or anyone who decides to act like a monster. That being said, Halloween is still my least favorite day of the year. Not because I am afraid but because the world is dark enough and I think we need a day of light to counteract it and not embrace this morbidity. Just saying. Think positive and think light, my friends. 🙂

Anti-Pornography Rant: A Real Man Only Wants His Real Wife

A man who prefers intangible objects such as photo-shopped and plastic-filled naked women (and men- creepy) on a tech screen to satisfy his desires rather than his real tangible wife, willing and available in their bedroom, is extremely selfish and sinful. His mate is left unsatisfied while he self-gratifies to fantasies. This man does not understand and appreciate the amazing and real woman he already has and how much she loves him. He steals his spouse’s sole right to his sexuality and constantly stares at doctored and touched up fantasy women his wife can’t possibly live up to. It sets everyone up for failure. The wife who should be loved feels robbed and betrayed and like a failure and ugly and depressed. A godly man is willing to dispose of fantasy images that demoralize his wife and really all women and just be satisfied with his real tangible loving wife. Why is this so difficult? What is wrong with these perverted men and perverted society? Have they swallowed the lie that temporary gratification is more important than long term relationship? Are their temporary fixes more valid than their life long commitment to fidelity with their spouse? Why is this difficult? Why on earth are so many people okay with this, even in the church? Why is there silence when so many women suffer? I have a lot of wounded, ungratified, despondent women friends dealing with this atrocity. People say it is fine. I assure you it is not. They say it is no big deal. I assure you it is. (If it were not a big deal, it would not be a big deal to stop either.) It is heinous and narcissistic to the nth degree. Morons throw away the sacred and precious diamond they possess for the tease of tarnished silver. Narcissists care more for their selfish whims than the spouse they should love. Man up. A real man wants only his real wife. We all make mistakes and we all sin, but you choose whether to live there or not. Imagine Christ returning suddenly and you are knee deep in porn. Do you think you would like the outcome of that? Do you think He would say, “Well done, you gratified yourself at your wife’s expense again quite nicely”? You do realize He sees everything you do, right? Of course there are many sins to take your pick of, but this one has struck a nerve lately. Satan uses this one particular sin to destroy families and devastate trust and break covenants and so it is very dangerous, though supported by our evil society. So, I guess the question is if fire is all around you except for the one narrow path you are on, will you jump into the fire with all the other idiots and be burned or try your best to stay on that safe path? This is the choice that must be made. That is truth. Truth is what God says, not what society promotes.

Sweet Prayer

The prayers of us Christ followers floats straight up to the Father in Heaven and is sweet incense or perfume to Him. And I am not making this up! The proof of it is found in nature and in Revelations. We get this powerful, terrifying view of battles and evils being unleashed and there is a pause as our prayers are a sweet incense to God. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend going out into the country somewhere in a clearing and sit down and pray out loud, praising God. If you look around and listen, nature will echo your praise and you will feel the wind and hear the leaves stirring and dancing as your praises rise up to Heaven. Test me and see for yourself. Our words to God matter. People have attempted to give elaborate, written prayers, well rehearsed and well scripted thinking it somehow is more spiritual or meaningful that way, but I am convinced within myself that the more real the prayer and conversational, the better. “Help!” Is a perfectly good and complete prayer. Some great prayers are nothing but praise and admiration for who God is. Some great prayers are all requests for healing in others’ lives or help through financial trouble, etc. But the absolute best perfume to the Lord, I believe with all my heart, is a running g dialogue throughout the day that includes everything in your life, the good and bad and requests and praise, etc. When we are told to pray without ceasing, I really think that was a literal command. He wants us to share everything with Him. That does several things: firstly, it definitely encourages you to stay on the path, secondly, it is worship, a giving of your whole self to the Lord and constant fellowship with Him. Thirdly, it keeps things that rise against you in their proper perspective and aspect. Meaning, what without prayer is a two ton problem, with prayer is a speed bump. Fourthly, it grows you in wisdom and knowledge and understanding and maturity of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am sure it does other things too, like assist with personal relationships, etc., but I believe these are the main things. Your prayers can be in your head or out loud, as long as they are offered. And God, unlike some think, doesn’t “have better things to do”. He accomplishes His goals and plans, but He is huge enough to be everywhere at once, and if you are important enough that He knows the minutest detail about you as to know the number of hairs on your head, you can bet He cares about the little things too. He created us all, designs each and every one of us and wants to be an integral part of our lives as if we k now this to be true and agree wholeheartedly. People walk around in two different ways (who are not Christ followers) like they created themselves or like they were an accident or mutation of some kind. People of prayer know their Savior to be their Creator. People of prayer fight on their knees with their words, the most powerful weapons or tools we have. People of prayer are not surprised by evil attacks. They know they are coming and Who is really in control of the universe and any minute circumstance or detail in it. People who pray understand the value of being close to their Creator.