More Earthquakes

I have an earthquake apps. Ok, I have two of them. I am interested in the movement of the earth. Maybe the passion for it arose from years of earth and nature studies or just being by nature and genetics (being part native American) a nature lover, but it is a combination now also of both nature/earth movements and studying signs of the end times in the Bible. It says earthquakes will increase and pestilence and drought and basically weird weather. Is that not what we are seeing? And I have noticed more earthquakes lately, meaning just sheer volume and severity and more importantly a greater/stronger baseline quake all over. It fascinates and excites me. Although they can be devastating and that is awful, they also can wake us up to get ready for the rapture and guide us to new hope of His catching us away from here. I want to be ready and pray for my family. I also pray for you and want you ready too. God and I love you.❤

Today, Ready, Go

Today is a beautiful day. You are ready for it. You have thanked God for the day, for life, for eternal security through Jesus. Now feet to floor, you are ready to serve. Staying humble is your greatest proof of strength as always but remembering that your Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth in every mine keeps things real and dispels worry. Faith in God keeps things real as you trust He will take care of you as He promised. And because God is good and loves you, you are ready to go today on a great day. God bless you!😄❤

Fully Aware

God has made me fully aware that He is in charge.

God has made me fully aware that I am His little girl, no matter my physical age.

God has made me fully aware that He loves me.

God has made me fully aware that He loves you, no matter who you are or what you have done.

God has made me fully aware that nothing surprises Him.

God has made me aware that He is beautiful and glorious and fun as well as intimidatingly powerful and perfectly holy.

God has made me fully aware that Jesus’ death and resurrection was a horribly beautiful and generously loving gift to give us hope and relationship with Him.

God has made me fully aware that He is what it is all about and for, as it should be and I love that and agree.

Goad has made me fully aware that we need to wake up and stay ready because He is coming soon for us.❤

Changing Plans and Being Ready

So apparently, the second week after a hurricane, some things are still not back to normal. There is no milk anywhere, so hurricanes produce milk shortages. I never knew that, this being my first one. I am learning as I go here and have to keep changing plans like cooking every day for breakfast instead of sometimes having cereal. Also, took the kids down for homeschool PE and the fields were still closed, so changed gears and did school and yard cleanup instead. Yesterday was already to teach Sunday School and it had been cancelled (found out when I got there) and had to entertain the kids until worship. Evidently things stay closed a long time and everyone assumed you know that. And now I do know, learning as I go. But I would rather be there and be ready and then find out it is postponed than to have go time and be unprepared and sleeping. I think that way about the rapture, the catching away of the true Christians, like the parable of the wedding Jesus spoke of, where half the bridesmaids were ready when the groom came and could attend the marriage ceremony and half were caught unprepared and we’re left behing. I want to be a part of the marriage. Jesus really wants everyone there. He wants people to be ready. No one knows the day or hour but there is a day and hour coming sooner than it was a minute ago, sooner than it was yesterday, soon. Now is the time to purify our hearts and draw close to God in prayer and be ready.❤

September 23, 2017

I have listened to and heard many people talking about this date being the fulfillment of Revelations 12 and the sign in the sky, marking the beginning of the tribulation, the final 7 years before Jesus returns to rule our planet. I hear these things and, being the big picture person that I am, find them interesting but not that important. Why? I am of the belief that we Christians are always to be ready in case we are rapture right now, or in 20 minutes, or on September 23, or in 20 years. “No one knows the day or the hour” it says in the Bible. See the point? We need to act and speak and serve and love in such a way to always be ready. We need to be spiritually ready at all times. Then He will take us to Heaven for we are ready and pure in His eyes. So be ready!❤

The Waiting

I remember being in a wedding. I was there early all dressed up, ready way before the bride and groom were. Then they were finally ready and we had to hurry up and wait again for the last minute people to get there. Then we waited for the late ones. And finally we stopped waiting. The waiting was over. 

Another time I remember a man I was deeply in love with and wanted and expected to marry. But he kept making me wait and wait to marry. Engaged but no date and stall and I realized I was waiting for the wrong man and I had to stop waiting and accept his decision to not love me back. The waiting was over.

Whatever else I have done in life where I had to wait eventually ended in and stop to the waiting. Things finally happened to change the and tats from waiting to happening. And here we are today with the longest waiting game of my life, waiting for the true in-love-deeply-with-Jesus church to be caught up and gotten out of this place. And we wait. And I see it, many have tired of waiting and have fallen asleep. Many have decided it is not real or really going to happen. Many don’t even care anymore because they filled their lives with more important or pressing distractions like tech, entertainment, desires and lusta, etc. And some of us still are eager and expectant. And our job is to do our job to the beat of our ability as working for the Lord in the worship of obedience and love God and everyone He puts in our path. So, let’s be awake and eagerly serving our Lord. And someday the waitinf will be over. Praise God!!!❤❤❤

God’s List of Preparedness

When God says to “Be ready for my coming draws near”, He is not talking about having a bug out bad or store of rations or millions of gallons of water stockpiled or firearms and weapons. That is for people not wanting or expecting or ready to be raptured/caught up/taken to heaven before the tribulation (see Revelation in the Bible). There is another list of preparedness we are called to. It is a list you know. 1. Be saved. 2. Confess and repent of sin. 3. Pray and read your Bible to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ. 4. Work on the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23 in the Bible): love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control. That is God’s idea of preparedness. You follow His plan, and you are ready for anything. He is our Provider and Protection. We want to please Him and not us and we will be with Him forever. Then the details will work themselves out. And rest in His beautiful peace. Don’t get distracted or discouraged, focus on Jesus Christ. Just that. Focus and live for Him and with Him. Pray, pray, pray. Praise God!! ❤❤❤