God Gave Us Rain

We have been a week without rain, and in hot, muggy Florida in August, that is a big deal. Our plants were suffering, grass dying, heat palpable. And I prayed for God to send us rain and thaked Him for it. And our of the goodness of His heart and will to bless us, He brought rain! It was a long rainstorm and it was loud and beautiful and all the plants look so happy out there and the air feels so much better! Praise God for answered prayer blessings and for being big and wise enough to answer in the first place! God is so good and loving!😄❤

Watered Down Weather

It has rained foe several days now. In Florida, that really doesn’t happen tons. We get rain often, almost daily, but it is only for a brief time and we see sun and blue skies again. We are spoiled by this. Several days of rain and gray clouds in miserable to us because of the contrast to what we are used to and a turn from our steady source of vitamin D from the sun. But such is life. I whine to not see the sun. However, we needed this rain, being behind for thr month. The plants and trees and crops need this quencher. It will be gone soon, but it was just what they needed, and we people are not God’s only creation and reaponsibility.

When we get to a season of steady problems, regular issues one after another, it is easy to get myopic and think poor me or get angry or just depressed, but we are not the only one God looks after. He works on our weeknesses in our temperaments and molds us into greater faith and reliance on Him and answers all humble prayers, true. But there are others around us being worked on and loved on in different phases as well. And maybe they need you to go through some stuff so you can empathize and help them later. Our struggles are part of a bigger story and we are, through them, working on having a much better forever in eternity in just a little while. Heaven is next after this world and all its troubles are over. So I’ll take the rain and troubles and learn what I can. No worries. I have heaven to prepare for.❤

Rain, Rain, Rain

It has been raining almost 3 weeks staight here in Florida with a very few exceptions to that. Wow. Very beautiful rain but getting pretty gloomy. The sun is missed. And I think that is what happens to us when we focus on the wrong things: news, propoganda (or is that redundant?), problems, illnesses, anti-social media, tech, video games, conspiracies, whatever. We focus on anything this world urges you to focus in and after a while, we are a gloomy mess, as soggy at heart than any amount of rain pouring down. We miss and need the Son. We need to focus on Jesus. We miss Him. ❤

Refreshing Rain

We have had our typical dry season winter here in Florida and from the afternoon to now and looks like for more hours to come, we have been blessed with a beautiful soaking rain. It is fantastic to hear, feel, see. It is most refreshing and beautiful. God sends rain at the right time to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, whether they appreciate it or not. I, for one, appreciate it very much.❤

Rain Check

We were going to go bass fishing today. Yes, the weather guys said rain but they are wrong about half the time, so we were playing the odds. We lost. Rain, rain, rain. And cold. Boy, we’re they right this time. And we have a rain check and will try another day. My son is interested in fishing and I am interested in grilling some fresh fish for lunch, so there you have it. Some day soon we will fish. Today, we will hold our rain checks and play some board games and watch a red box movie with popcorn. These things are best to do on a rainy day, so rain checks are welcome here. Have a beautiful day filled with blessings from God. ❤