Needing Quiet

I get up early every morning, before the kids, and walk outside with Jesus in prayer. It is the quietest time of the day. And even that is not quiet for cars are going to work, dog walkers are out, birds are singing their wake up songs, squirrels chatter (and this morning mewed, that was interesting), lots of things are awake and talking. So even that early, there are interruptions and noise. And of course is the interruption and noise of my thought processes and mind meandering. It is difficult, maybe impossible to be completely without noise, completely quiet. Now as I write this, sitting alone in my bed as usual, with everyone asleep but me, I hear distant highway car noise. Amazing how many are travelling this late. It just is that way. I long for the quiet on the farm in Michigan, where you could find quiet. Quiet existed. And in the middle of the woods on Beechwood Lake camp, there was quiet in the early morning. I am certain other places have quiet still. Somewhere. Maybe even just a day’s drive away. And some day I will seek out quiet on a quiet quest of some kind. The good Lord knows we need more of it. And if I cannot get there in this life, we have heaven. ❤ 

Tender Whispers

Quiet is rare now. It can rarely be heard over the distractions and chaotic noise. It is hard to hear quiet. But I noticed something. Even now, when the world is so loud, if I stop everything and just listen, I can hear the very small hum of a dragonfly’s wings as it changes directions. The world is still making noise but I noticed that if I don’t make noise or do anything but focus, I can hear it. And I don’t think it is a coincidence that God speaks to us in a still, small voice. He wants us to stop what we are doing and be quiet and focus on Him to speak. It lends itself to the humble prayer heart that can hear God’s whisper in a thunderstorm or battlefield. God speaks softly so we know it is Him. He is far too important and great to have to yell or compete with noise. But when we focus and quiet ourselves and listen, He is honored and reveals His message to the humble listener. How beautiful a picture that is! How magnificent is our God!

Listening for the Tiny Voice

Pinnochio had Jimminy Cricket. The world at large has the idea of a conscience (even if it is largely ignored). We who are saved have the Holy Spirit. We are taught what to do in every situation, except that God speaks very very quietly and the distractions around us are really loud and demanding and busy. The still small voice is the one with the right answer. So sometimes we have to get alone in prayer to hear Him. Other times He positions us to be forced into solitude for that very purpose. I had this happen recently. I should know better but apparently I needed a reminder nonetheless and I had three important people removed from my life to bring me back to reliance on God, my absolute favorite place to be. God will use whatever method works for you to bring you back to Himself. He loves you and knows that He is the very best Father for us. We shine brightest when He shines through us and we walk with Him. And in the quiet and sometimes more so in loneliness and brokenness, we can hear God talk to us in our mind and heart. He is quiet so as not to overwhelm us and to give us peace and joy all twice His instructions or advice. And His voice is quiet to distinguish it from the loud noise of the world around us. 

Busyness vs. Success

Today was a very busy day. I got a lot accomplished in this one day with my family- a lot of running around, cleaning, mowing, meetings and a lot of exercise. I sit here exhausted at accomplishing too much and thankful that not every day is like this. It just so happens that I had some successes along the way today, but it doesn’t always work that way, does it? I home school my kids because it is best for our family. My philosophy is that less is more with children. You have to plan into the day time periods of nothing to process what they learned and think and just be kids. This is essential, in my opinion, but I know plenty of moms (homeschooled and otherwise) whose purpose in life seems to fill up every moment of their kids’ lives with events and activities. Other parents go the opposite extreme and do absolutely nothing but pay for computers and TV’s. Either scenario could completely eliminate or greatly dumb down any intellectual thought or social conversation and thus chances of true success in society is rather iffy. Also, interestingly, either scenario could produce successful kids. However, success and busyness are not one in the same. Just because you are doing tons of stuff does not mean that any of those things will be successful. So what determines success? What is success anyway? I think that answer is subjective for each person. For some success is a great job and promotion and accolades mixed with a wonderfully happy marriage and children in a nice house with nice cars. For some success is getting out of bed. But of course I would want to know what our Creator has to say about what success entails. Success in this light is finishing the race, living all your days reflecting His glory and living out the fruits of the Spirit and leading others to Christ for their salvation. It is simple. It doesn’t matter how busy you are/were . In fact, busyness can be a severe limitation to success because when you are so busy, you miss a lot of opportunities to do the Lord’s work and not just your own. It is so easy to get distracted. Maybe some quiet time is what we need most in our day to be truly successful.