The Right Question

There is so much talk that everything is good as long as it is what you believe and want and it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone. I believe that is the answer to the wrong question. I believe what is my right and wrong is a fool’s game because we all have such differing experiences and interpretation. I believe we have to always go back to the truth. The only truth I know of anymore is God’s Word, the Bible. It has never been disproven ever. No other book can boast of that. And it was written by God through people, except the 10 Commandments, which God wrote Himself. I believe inventing and living off your own truth is short-sighted and egotistical at best and extremely and eternally dangerous at worst. The question is not what is ok. That is the wrong question. What really matters is what secures my eternal future and helps those around me and what will God allow me to carry into eternity? And that means also what will please God? Apart from the Bible, I am not sure how you would know that. There is an eternity that we will meet sooner than you think which should excite you if you are close to God obeying His Word (which involves heavily reading the Bible and praying) and should terrify you if you aren’t. I believe that motivates behavior in a completely different way when you ask the right question. Many things are ok, but are they eternally beneficial and pleasing to God? That is the correct question to focus all your energy upon. ❤

Fostering Thinking Children

To produce a thinking child, we must first think and strategize. We parents or teachers must emulate thinking and reasoning minds. We must be so obvious in our independent thinking that we are obvious to those children we are influencing. That is number one. First be what we want them to copy. Secondly, do not settle for cookie cutter answers. If my son asks me a question, I tell him yes or no, depending on the question. Then I ask him why I gave that answer and see what he comes up with. Kids are naturally thinking all the time and sometimes they just need guidance in their thinking so it doesn’t become warped due to lack of correction at a critical time. Thirdly, when my son answers me, I validate his answer and encourage him first and correct what might need correction and then encourage again. This “sandwich” type of praise and correction is highly effective with every aspect of life and not just child rearing. Children need to be told by a pare t or trusted adult that their own postulation and their own ideas are okay and important. The idea of kids being seen and not heard produces a lot of insecurity and dependent thinking. Of course there is a time and a place for everything under heaven, but we must allow expression of thought and encourage that thought and correct it to produce independent and confident thinkers for tomorrow. Lastly, we must encourage our children to think outside the box and think for themselves. This involves sincere limitations to electronic boxes and games and TV shows that encourage peer pressure or rote play. We must allow children to play and create and imagine, like we did when I was a girl. We must give them the gift of boredom and conversations as we were given it t quit the cycle of mindless dimwits we seem to be seeing so much of lately. Electronics are a distraction often and even worse may damage the development of creative and independent thinking. They may be a reward in limited degree, but more and more I am ringing my kids do so much better without it. They complain for a little bit, but when we start building a marble track or paper mache or go for a hike, they stop complaining and start living and asking questions. Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do?

Words Equal Power

Word is the most creative force in the universe and simultaneously the most crushing force in the universe. Words are much like nitroglycerin in that way. An overabundance mixed with a spark of evil or anger gives you dynamite, used to obliterate mountains for drilling mines. A small amount given as medicine at the right time will restart a broken heart. Jesus Christ is The Word, as in the Bible, the whole story, the big and detailed picture of the u diverse and its dealings and purpose, etc. He created everything we know of with His spoken Word. Words were used originally for this purpose- creation and relation between God and the people He created. The evil one quickly observed the power or words and decided to use them to destroy what God created with lies and trickery, mixed with enough truth to be believable. To this day, our words have incredible. We can uplift and destroy with very little effort just by the timing and choice and attitude of the words we choose to use. I used to use words flippantly and impatiently and without thought. It still happens occasionally but I now work very hard on the word choices and timing of my words. I have to ask, what is my goal here? Should I speak at all? Is this where I need to speak up? Will it uplift and encourage? Will it be misinterpreted and cause harm? And how do I determine which is which?? I pray and read my Bible. Really? That’s all? Absolutely, and God honors prayers for wisdom and discernment of speech and understanding of timing. When we pray and read our Bibles, we build up our knowledge and faith base as well as our wisdom and understanding and we grow in Spiritual maturity. And our words as Christ followers is the most powerful force on the earth because we have within our Spirits the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force on earth. Is it in us to use for selfish motives and ambitions? Nope because God will not honor sin ever. However, what we do for God and His kingdom and often His people when it is His will, He will honor those words every time. We need never fear using words He gives us to use. We must never be discouraged by or believe in people who would call your words insignificant. They are plants of the enemy to create strongholds within you and try to defeat you internally, where all of our battles lie originally. We must create a wall of truth within us based on prayer and Bible reading that every incoming word has to go through to get to our souls and Spirits to be believed. We have to be purposeful and ask: 1. Is what is coming in here meant for harm? 2. Are these words contrary to Scripture? 3. Is there an evil motive behind the words? 4. Will accepting these words bring harm or disrespect or insult myself, my family unit or God? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we can eliminate the validity of those words and confidently reject those words. In fact, we can say with confidence “I reject those words and forbid you to use words like that around me ever again.” You can bet that will work because the Bible is clear about when you tell evil ones to leave, they have to go. We do not have to accept anyone’s slanderous or insulting words. On the other hand, uplifting and encouraging words or words of Scriptural truth with sound motives should be allowed in to do their work. In addition, we can ask ourselves questions before we release words to verify our motives and truth and alignment with Scripture to be sure we do no harm and don’t sin. And our words can bring healing and stand against evils when the Holy Spirit leads you to speak up. Again, Spiritual discernment and wisdom dictates that in your heart via prayer and reading your Bible.