Ant Invasion

Weird story: So, the weirdest thing ever was discovered on July 4th morning. Overnight, we were blessed with an invasion of ants. And a colony had invaded our bathroom and set up house in, of all places, our clear towel rack! We thought they had tunneled through the stupid built in rack holders the genius builders of the 80’s thought was so very clever. And we fumigated and got all but the few and queen surrounding the eggs in the center of the towel rack. This morning, however, there were more in the towel rack and I looked up and they were coming in through the fan as I had killed them on the outside of the house where they were getting in and thus prevented their escape. So, now they are all dead but that was so strange and immediate.

Application: I can’t help but associate that infestation with the infestation of sin. Sin sneaks in little by little by digging the hole and accumulating in unseen, unnoticed spaces of our lives. And when we least expect it and our defenses are down, we are overrun with our complacency and then have to deal with it.

Lesson learned: protect and be defensive, prepared with prayer and armed with sin-killer, a relationship with Jesus.😄 ❤

Ditch Digging Day

So here is what we have been up to. We dug a ditch around the newly screened in back porch. This needed to be done anyway, but Irma sped up the necessity. Now no matter how much rain we get, it has somewhere other than the house to go. So, just now showered after all day up to now digging ditches with Joe (our amazing handyman). Tough work it was, going through roots of our current oak tree and cut down sycamore tree, but I am happy and will sleep well tonight. ❤

Keeping the Blues Away

The blues are determine to sneak in through cracks in mood, slight imbalances in hormones, moments of fatigue, bad decisions by friends and family, deaths, bad drivers, memories, what have you. There is a huge potential for despair or just the blues. Yes, everyone has the opportunity for sadness, even the funnest or funniest of them. How can we keep the blues away? Well, you just can’t entirely and if you lose the ability to feel sadness, you have missed the ability to be a feeling human or live in a dream world of lies where everything is ok and we are not surrounded by evil all around us. But one way to minimize the sadness is thr simplest thing in the world and yet the most difficult thing in the world. Humility. When we are humble, we lower our demands of life, our expectations, the perfection demands, the control issues, the deserving disease. Humble closeness to God is the most beautiful and empowering thing in the world. God also helps us. ❤

Not Allowed to Help

There are moments in some of my friend’s lives where I could help them and was not allowed to. There were times that help would have prevented a huge crisis down the road. Big stuff that it was painful to watch them go through, but pride had prevented their wanting or approving of my help. This has been torture at times. There are also times a good friend tried to help but I didn’t allow it because of pride or enjoying the path I was on and didn’t want to stop and fell flat on my face or had a painful experience as a result. And I think we do this with God. He sees everything that will happen and sometimes we don’t listen to enjoy the moment and we end up suffering in the end and God, who loves us more than we can, is pained to watch it. We ourselves get us into the mess by our pride and short sightedness. And then we want God to bail us out and keep us from the consequences. Not reasonable but God often because of his grace and love still does help us out and hates to see us suffer. Ideally, we drop our pride and heed advice to save our friends and God and ourselves a headache down the road, and maybe we will all be happier. Maybe it is not the preventing of fun that God is after but the preventing of heartache because He loves us. Some good friends too. Just a thought. 🙂

Counting Thoughts

It is the thought that counts, and not just when you are giving gifts. The thoughts precede the actions every time. Even automatic man or woman makes a conscious decision to do what they want to believe is automatic. Thoughts matter. They count. Maybe if we do more thinking and inputting truth I to our thoughts (Bible reading), we would spend less time sinning and trying to make it right again after. Prevention seems to be where we should invest ourselves. Doesn’t that make sense?