God is Way Bigger than Any Hurricane

I wanted the world to know that God is way bigger than any hurricane. A lot of us Christians in Florida and otherwise have been fasting and praying to Almighty God for protection and provision and to break down the hurricane faster and make it not devastating. God answers, and He has already tuned down the power some. God is so very good and answers prayer. Pray with us. Just pray. God is the only  One stronger than a hurricane and faith and prayer releases His power to us. God loves us and you so very much!!❤❤❤

Can’t is a Four Letter Word

In parenting, before I ever started actually, I decided that the word “can’t” would be a bad word for us. The reason is that is in direct contrast, diametrically opposing, the exact opposite of the truth of the Bible. See, Philippians 4:13 states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That means the bad word “can’t” is out. My children are to this day punished as if they had said another bad word by having to sing the above verse twice to the tune I made up. This emphasizes that the Bible is true and that God is all powerful and in charge. Even if something comes against us that seems way to big for our capabilities to do alone, we have the all mighty God of the universe that certainly can accomplish any task in our little pathway. See the point? He is enormous and all power so if there is a road He has sent us down, or even if we made bad choices to go down a road but realize we need help, God will do the work. We are really too little to do it without Him, that is true. But thank God those words “through Christ” are there. That tells me that when I am weak, He remains as strong as ever! So, this verse really means, “God can do all things through you He is asked or wants to accomplish.” Yay!!

Strong Made Weak

The very strongest of us can be taken down. Strength often gives the false illusion of pride and personal power. There is a sense that the strong are impenetrable or unaffected by challenges the weak face. I believe that is partly why Jesus Christ taught us that the strong are weak and the weak are strong. The strong man trusts in his strength, the strong woman hers. However, the weak person knows they can not do it alone and they humble themselves to be helped to function. The strong is weak because he does not trust and pridefully walks about as if he indeed were unable to be weakened. However, as my Daddy proved recently, the strong can be weakened. My Dad is the strongest man I know in so many ways and yet he was recently weakened by a minor stroke. Now this mighty man, ex Marine, farmer and machinist, is in the hands of Almighty God. And in reality, the weak have a major advantage in their life journey. They know they are in God’s hands and in need of help. The strong don’t often get it until they are weakened. Fortunately, my Dad was a humble man despite his strength but I believe that was a result of decades of the Holy Spirit’s power and influence. Weakness, as the world would call weakness, is strong because of its faith. I long to be weak in my ego, not suffer from pride and puffed up senses of importance and ability. I long to get out of the way and allow God’s strength and wisdom to flow through me because of Him and not me. There is a great disadvantage to power for this reason also. For someone to be powerful, someone else must be less powerful and the greater might look down on the lesser. Be warned, the weak can teach the powerful volumes in showing the way into God’s heart. He wants us to be humble and teachable.