Batting Practice

I am sitting on the bench while my son is hitting baseball’s at the indoor batting cage. He is hitting 55mph balls to get better at hitting. He is already very good but is motivated to keep getting better because his wise and very good coach told him he was one of his best hitters. This is the power of someone you trust believing in you. The same happened to a teacher of mine. There was a kid who was always in trouble and a pretty poor student and she gave him a huge role in the school play, telling him she believed he was capable of great things, and he changed and became a good student and was suddenly eager to come to school. There is power in our words. There is greater power in the words of a trusted mentor or family member or older friend, for better or worse. We can do great good or great harm with our words so it is important we build and encourage. When we believe in people, they generally rise to what you believe about them. There are exceptions but in general this is true. God tells us to say only what is helpful and positive and truth and encouraging. There are reasons He tells us this. And the positive results of a good baseball coach’s belief and encouragement are swinging strong in front of me now. Play ball!

Purposeful Encouragement Focus

I realized something today, something very personal. I have had a screwed up focus sometimes toward the man I love most in the world, my husband. I do not know where I started down the wrong path or maybe it was a slow gradual incline in effort. But I am thinking it was simply not putting enough effort into being purposeful in my encouragement quotient. See, we all decide what to focus on in life. That focus dictates everything we do, like a mission statement. I had loving but critical parents, so when I am not working hard at it, I tend to lazy down into critical mode. My poor husband. I must have been very difficult to live with. So, I have rewritten my personal mission statement, which I highly recommend everyone on the planet do. I intend to be purposefully encouraging and helpful to my husband and build him up. I intend to celebrate my life with him and focus on the positive. I intend to treasure my moments with him. There is purpose behind God putting people together in marriage and I honor and worship God by honoring and respecting my husband. A life of honor and worship is a life worth living.

Thoughts on Music & Worship

When God gives us abilities in music, He has really entrusted great power to us with expectations that we will use that power for His worship and leading others in it. For many years, He has given me original songs for what I thought was my benefit. They journaled my struggles in maturity and roller coaster to becoming the woman He has made me this far. I realize my keeping them to myself to benefit me is very selfish and I want to begin putting these songs onto YouTube to benefit those who need them who may be having the same journeys. It will be my new project. In the meanwhile, as I lead worship at church, I wrestle with the responsibility and how best to draw people to the Lord. Music is the only power we know of as yet that utilizes the entire brain. That is its power. It is capable of aiding memory, eliciting emotion, swaying opinion, sharing messages and entertaining and it can be used to promote great good or promote great harm, and it is every person’s right and obligation to check content before deciding to allow the message to enter your brain. People dismiss the power of music and think they can listen to horrible lyrics all day and it is no big deal and will not affect them. That is a delusion and lie of the enemy. You can dumb down a sin to where it is acceptable if a message rolls around your brain freely as it does when that message is set to music. So, I say it is important to keep the music we listen to (just as the people we listen to) positive and encouraging at the least and praise and worship at best. It will uplift your life while keeping your toes curled around the roots of God’s Word for grounding and strength. When we think about the music before we start listening, we make better decisions and live a better life as a result. There is enough bad news out there, we need to feed good news to our brain and soul and heal rather than hurt.