When Second Feels Like Last

There are times in life when second place feels like last place. One of these is when you are racing. I never lost because to me even being second was as bad as last. Just my mindset at the time. Another is during a contest at work and a coworker gets the bonus by just a little. Feels like last then. Another is back in the dating days when a guy prefers another girl to you. Feels like last. Second place does not sell in this world because people want to win. They want to be good at something. They want to say that they are in control of something, worth something, valuable, worthy of love, successful, honored or respected. We live in a society that does not like to wait for the best but want to be the best right now. We want to win the trophy without practicing or putting in the effort, win without really being there. This sucks. It sets us up for failure. We want to be glorified when we were never meant to be. We want love without putting into the relationship what it takes. We want a vacation to a distant gorgeous spot without the inconvenience of the drive. Life. Is. Not. Like. That. Why? Because the glory is God’s. It is all His. The timing is His, the control is His, the love is His, we are His. When we put us in front of Him, we lose. Every time. Second is last. So, if you really want self-worth, need love, want honor, want to be valuable, the answer is to give God all your firsts. When He wins in your life, He give you what you need too. And then loneliness is what loses, fear loses, disappointment fades, crying ceases, value increases, etc. No one on earth is more beautiful than someone who knows beyond all doubt that they are loved and in first place. Second is last unless the first place is God’s. Then second is first.