Managing Band Children

I am the band mom. They say “manager” but that is false. My husband manages the band but I am the mom and gig-getter. That allows me to buffer the children, I mean men in our band and be diplomatic, do the work and heavy lifting, listen to the incessant whining, and yet have the luxury of being paid less and blamed for everything. But I wear big girl panties and can take all of it (meaning I pray a lot to a really big God). And my brief payoff is the exhilaration of making people happy and dance and the fun of all that and brief appreciation of the audience. So there are perks. Biggest one is playing with my husband and my band brother. And now my son is our paid roadie. That is sweet too. 

A Study in Beauty

Below are pics of beauty. Beautiful scenes to warm your heart and celebrate the Creator of such work. God is to be praised and receive all glory for His handiwork. This is the first vacation we have taken where it rained every day, and in the dampness of it all and limitations, God blessed me with this intense beauty and the reminder that water had been sorely needed in the place we were and God has more to provide for than my amusement but that He still loves me and showed me His beauty to sooth my soul. And I am thankful. I am excessively thankful. Enjoy His beauty! ❤