Revelation 3:7-8,11-12

‘“This is what the One who is holy and true, who holds the key of David, says. When he opens a door, no one can close it. And when he closes it, no one can open it.  I know what you do. I have put an open door before you, which no one can close. I know you have little strength, but you have obeyed my teaching and were not afraid to speak my name.  “I am coming soon. Continue strong in your faith so no one will take away your crown.  I will make those who win the victory pillars in the temple of my God, and they will never have to leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, that comes down out of heaven from my God. I will also write on them my new name.'” – Revelation 3:7-8,11-12


Encouragement for Good Friday

Sunday’s coming! My encouragement to you today is that Friday is here, dark and gloomy, looks like all hope is lost, looks like the enemy wins. But. Sunday’s coming. The morning will come soon where evil realizes its defeat and truth again is the only truth and champion. Death and sadness will be destroyed forever in blissful triumph as the original Easter sealed their fate. It may be ugly now, selfishness and pride and evil running rampant, but there soon will come a morning to trump all mornings, where we are changed into truth and wrap ourselves up in God’s love and worship, no distractions, no sadness, no being belittled, no disrespect, no mourning, no hate, no pornography and such evil misuse of bodies, no poor self esteem, no pride, no evil of any kind, no murder, no abortion, no pain, no persecution, none of those evils that steal our joy and peace. There will be peace and perfection, rewards, contentment, understanding, love, respect, purity, more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentlenesss, self control, beauty, comfort. Do not lose heart. Those who love truth and accept the gift of salvation will have our morning soon. We must not lose heart. We will become more the minority and more attempts will be made to crush our spirit and force us to turn away from our faith but we must stay strong. Those who remain pure and faithful and focused on God will be saved and have our glorious morning. Those who love the future perfect pleasures of heaven more then the temporary fixes of pleasures in the flesh will be satisfied for eternity. We must continue the journey before us to our home in heaven. God wants all to be saved so we must share the Good News so many hate, always remembering that morning is coming. Easter sealed this fact, and our Easter is coming. Don’t get lost on Friday because Sunday is coming!

Not Heaven Yet

We are not in heaven yet. This is obvious, of course. The big thing is that many people are taught that God is somehow at our command to only bless us and give us success and wealth and riches and perfect health in this life and if we don’t have those things, we don’t have enough faith or have some unconfessed sin that is to blame. This is simply a load of lies straight from the enemy. Why? Because this life, and God is very clear on this in His Word, this life is to test and build us up so we prove ourselves worthy in accepting salvation to go to heaven when this life is over and we pass the test. Why the heck do you think we have so many obstacles that seem like they were placed there on purpose? Because they were. Yes, God wants to bless us and does every day in many ways, but just to give us adequate strength to serve and worship Him and our brothers and sisters more. God is not a get rich quick scheme. He is not about supporting your cause unless doing so supports His cause. Why? Because He is God! He made every person, every single person. People were made not evolved from some idiotic thing. They were designed amazingly and with extreme efficiency and detail by a loving God who also happened to make our universe. He is Spirit, all knowing, all powerful, enormous, everywhere, huge, knows even the future. And we, the created, have the audacity to attempt to command the Creator?? Whoever teaches that prosperity and health and riches is all there is to following the Messiah are selling something and will pay for their misleading ways. God is all about teaching us to worship and serve Him and others and even His natural world with our gifts. And as we go through trials and are successful in humbling ourselves before Him and asking for His help, He is faithful to answer that prayer and be with us and help. We still have to do our part and do what we can, though. He is Heavenly Father and no perfect Father is pleased by a lazy kid. A perfect Father would correct and enable growth in their child. What perfect Father gives their spoiled brat more gifts (especially if slacking on gifts already given) without requiring chores be done or rites of passage to be met? That would not be a Father who cares, and we know for a fact that God love us perfectly. When we face growth opportunities, we must do what we can and be so very thankful that God our Heavenly Father loves us enough to initiate growth in our lives. And as we lay down the part we can no longer do and humbly ask God for help, He is pleased that we obeyed and helps us. It is magnificent. And heaven will be celebrated soon enough.