The Distant Planet Called Perfect

“Perfect”, I am convinced, is just the name of a planet yet undiscovered far far away from here. What I am convinced of within myself is that it is not here. It does not exist in this person, in this household, in this city, in this state, in this government, in this world. The only place I can go to come close to what I think perfect might be like is when I am in a natural environment, some scene of the world in its primitive state- woods, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, prairies, fields, freshly fallen snow. Then I see the perfection of our Creator and feel a little better about the state of things. That is why travel is so important. Sometimes you need to change your view externally in order to change your view internally. Sometimes we need that reminder that perfect is somewhere, although elusive generally, in nature it is tangible. And we can be reminded that because no one is “perfect”, perhaps there is such a thing as “perfect for me” or “perfect for us”. We are not alone in the imperfection. God is perfect. We need to see His work, read His Words, study Him to get as close as we can and then be okay with the journey to accept redemption through Christ and then find “perfect for me” or “perfect for us”. Getting better every day is a process but perfect is unattainable until we no longer wear these stained bodies. But somewhere far away is “perfect” and I believe it is called “Heaven”. It would be nice to see.

Far From Perfect

If I were perfect, I would be beautiful, clean, sinless, good, righteous, loving, praiseworthy, knowledgeable, wise, talented, etc. I am far from perfect. I am about as far from perfect as a person can be. I know someone who is perfect. I know a lot of people who think they are perfect. Many think that on the outside but really don’t believe it inside. These want to be perfect secretly. Secretly they want to be loved and respected and joined with someone perfect. The perfect one I do know is Jesus Christ. Many others tried to be but He is the only one who accomplished it. How did He do it? Well, he was part man and part God. The God part won, you see. Any temptation that came Jesus’ way was met with Bible verses. He is perfect. I am not. So, is there a way I could be part God? Nope, however, I can have part of God in me via the Holy Spirit. Everyone who is saved is commanded to be baptized in the water and in the Spirit. The second one there is you or me inviting the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and rule your sinful body so you can become more perfect/Christ-like every day. So, being far from perfect right now, every day I make a conscious effort to yield my will to God’s will, I get a little closer to perfect. And moving a little closer to perfect is a pretty amazing journey, I think. I am tired of imperfection and settling. I would like to improve my Spirit walk and work on perfect. It is attainable eventually, we just need a little help. Better to admit that you need help rather and go right to the Source of help than to always need it and never let your pride down to ask or admit it. That seems foolish to me. I would rather be working toward perfection than sitting foolish.

Complete With Flaws

It is easy to be impressed with 30 seconds worth of super sexy momma on a commercial or an hour and a half worth of movie with photo shopped flawless super model mommas who do everything perfectly. It can easily make you wonder at your messy house and imperfect children and zits on your face and lumps on your tummy or extra beef in the behind and question your validity as a human who eats and isn’t perfect and isn’t sexy every minute of the day. The 5 second snippets of chatter before a church tea exposes perfect people with perfect children and I wonder why I have judgmental glances when my monkey like children attend, wondering where their perfect children always go while I have mine 24\7. And it dawned on me, or rather came to me in a revelation of sorts, that I am at peace and have joy and am perfectly complete with my flaws and all. My monkey children are happy and good, though with more available energy to use from not stressing them out with social dilemmas all day at school. And my husband seems happy with my cooking and content with my level of sexy. And my relationship with God has never been stronger and that fills me with such contentment that I can even see past facades to see the rest of the set. I see the background scenes and feel empathy for those really struggling with building it all together, despite not being able to eat or show emotions or flaws. I am free to be the momma God made me to be, the wife my husband needs and wants, the daughter my parents depend on now, the dog walker and house cleaner and doctor and chef and taxi service and grocery shopper and pianist and whatever else I need to be that day. I can do all these things through Christ’s strength. I know because I do it all the time. I am not perfect. I have a lot of flaw. However, through my flaws, God shines and complete the work I obediently strive to do. I work for the Lord and He blesses me every time. I am complete with flaws and that is a wonderful place to be.

The Perfect You

The perfect you is the one God made. He made you on purpose with great thought as to what qualities would make you unique and effective in the trade He gifted you with. Every hair on your head is numbered and placed by Him at birth and kept track of throughout your life. God knew how you would turn out and every awkward moment on your way to doing so. He gave you just the right guardian angels to protect you in every harmful situation until now and will continue until you go be with Him (provided you have called upon His Son in prayer for salvation) after this life is done. God cares about your happiness and wants you to let Him care for you and trust Him to handle all the problems you face. He, the God of the universe, wants to adopt you and befriend you. When you mourn, He longs to comfort you. He wants you to have peace and enjoyment in life with Him leading your way. He loves you. You are perfect to Him and very precious. When we compare our perfection to other people’s perfection, we can become envious of their gifts and forget our own, leading to insecurity and sadness and discontentedness. It is like telling God He screwed up and did bad work. When you criticize yourself, you criticize Him. When you hate on your body, you are declaring God’s craftsmanship to be flawed. Does God screw up? Does God commit flaws? The answer is of course no. So, we must allow Him to have done perfect work when He made you. And you must then celebrate His workmanship by taking care of it and thanking Him for it. We must not play the role of spoiled selfish children that pout and throw temper tantrums or sulk when things aren’t perfect in our own eyes. We must trust that perfect eyes know better than our imperfect ones. What a horrible and imbalanced world we would live in were we all alike and had the same gifts and characteristics! I think we should love and celebrate God and His workmanship and thank Him for all His blessings, which are many. Be the perfect you He made. This would be a great gift to Him. 🙂


When leading worship or engaging in worship, the goal is and ever should be only to take time to relationally bask in the greatness of God our Creator, Savior and Friend. If worship ever has any motive in the world other than that, it ceases to be pure and becomes something else. Worship is a present of your time and attention to God, a way of honoring and praising His majesty, sacrifice and love. It is a relational act of service. It is an act of lifting your whole self to yield up words, songs and actions that support His greatness. The reason we worship is not actually for God only. It is to give Him the time and attention He deserves of course, but also it brings us into alignment with Him and brings us humbly to His throne of grace where we can be recharged by His glory to serve. It is a humbling of ourselves under His leadership and supremacy. That is why our motives are so important. That is why the act of worship is so important and valuable. It can be in song, as we usually think of it, but also in speech and actions and prayer. In fact, you have done well if you have incorporated all those elements of worship in a day. God created us for worship. He is pleased by it. It is a sweet smelling offering to God. He doesn’t NEED anything from us at all, including worship, but He loves it because it gives Him honor for being in such a position of strength that He does not need it. He wants our devotion because He knows He created all of us and loves us. He wants us to spend time and energy back as an acknowledgement that we know He created us and loves us. It gives us a relationship with the awesome and loving God of the universe, our Heavenly Father. He deserves our full attention and humility before Him. Worship in it’s pure form is a lifestyle. People think of it as only a corporate event done during a designated worship service. That is important too, but if that’s all ya got in this evil world, I fear you will run out of energy for service. If you make it a practice to worship the Lord with your life and lifestyle, you purposely keep yourself in alignment under God’s Lordship and authority and glory, and He will honor that beautiful heart and love you to greater strength of will and character until you reflect His image more and more. What a perfect goal!