Moment by Moment

Moment by moment, the soul protests

The giving away of a great thing attests

To the lack of some semblance of fairness I see

And the realization of what will not again be.

And I pause. And I pray.

Moment by moment, the Spirit interjects

The giving of blessings I cannot forget

And it amazes me so how the bad masks the good

Until I demand that thankfulness be where it should.

And I pause. And I pray.

Moment by moment, I’ve much to enjoy

The day to day workings of my girl and boy

And my family and friends and dear husband too

Remind me that God is so very very beautiful through.

And I pause. And I pray.

Taking Every Thought Captive

I used to move in fast forward. I often engaged my flapper long before engaging my brain or with very good friends it was engaging both simultaneously. With age has come a good many things and one has become this idea of holding every thought captive and engaging those thoughts before opening my beak. It is becoming much more important to me to listen and formulate before speaking in turn. This appears to be a slowing down or declining in communication energy, but it really is a hastening of the thought process alongside a pause of verbal response. I find it interesting that those who have had to survive in the wild have often made observations that thinking becomes everything and speaking is not found to be weighted the same. I also find it to coincide with the Bible’s Words on being slow to speak and quick to listen and to take every thought captive. And I thought how correct it seems to be that most wars are won in the mind before they ever reach the front lines and that our minds are the front lines of a Spiritual battle between God and our souls He has bought with a price and everyone and everything else. It seems we even get plenty of flack from other people whose souls have been bought with a price. So, before I speak nowadays, I take my time and arrest my thoughts and interrogate them. “Where did you come from? What is your motive? If an answer is required, what is the wisest answer? According to God’s Word, would my answer line up with His? What would Jesus do? What is the loving, helpful and encouraging response?” And these questions take a bit at first but like every other habit you work on, it gets easier and faster and more routine the more you practice. I believe it is important because it seems the only Christ followers we seem to be hearing much about are more judgmental than loving and so we all get a bad rap. So, if you are willing to join me on my social experiment and personal growth journey, maybe we can change some views on Christ and show people His amazing light one pause (while interrogating the captive thoughts) at a time.

Choice Days

Summer at last. We have few engagements and fewer ambitions during these hot, long days. Our choice is to play, to lounge, to read, to think. It seems mundane, but slowing the pace allows for a more pronounced choice to love your family better. The favorite part of our day is morning devotions together. We love that because it is the foundation for the day and helps keep us focused on what is right and important. Otherwise our focus can be lost to obscurity with mundane days. There is a great opportunity in the lazy days of summer to refresh the soul and just have fun together as a family. We can all use a dose of boredom to have time to sort out our plans for the upcoming days and months and years and get some old fashioned playing done together. After God, family is that which matters most. It is beautiful to just pause the year and live life. Our goal is to keep it simple and enjoy it.