I Think I Feel Some Patience Coming On

A long time proponent of speed and efficiency, patience has been my nemesis. I was dumb enough to pray for patience and don’t do that. But the result in the end plus much Bible study, maturity (ahem), fasting and prayer but mostly a gift from God via the Holy Spirit, I noticed a leaning toward patience today.

My perspective: it is only achieved with humble surrender and God.

I was asked something very harshly, with a definite ignorance showing about me and my life’s journey. Rather than correct, I instantly surrendered that to God and let it go and was able to see their need rather than any hurt or anger of mine. And I prayed with them about their need, not een feeling at all some prideful correction in their ignorant words.

You see, I am not on this planet for me. You aren’t eiter, frankly. We are here, designed by God with love for God, then for others and then nature’s care. You too. When we live our design, everything clicks and the fruits of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, genteness and self-control) start to naturally come out. Wow! God knows what He is doing!😄❤❤❤

They Won!⚾

My son’s baseball team won the first game of the season tonight. They have been diligently going at it and tonight it finally paid off for them. Not only did they win (against a team that has beaten them twice), but they won big 19-7. I attribute this to three things… 1. The negative kid quit so they could stay more positive and encouraging. 2. Good pitcher- makes a huge difference (happened to be my son). 3. They kept it fun like it is a game or something.

I learn from this, if you are working hard at something and it just hasn’t happened yet. Timing is everything. And many factors are involved. And definitively, God knows when the best timing is. He knows what factors are in play, because we don’t usually even know that. We think we know so much, but speaking from my acting experience, behind the scenes is quite different than what we see on stage. God sees both, you see, and really cares more about behind the scenes. Hang in there. Your time will come! Trust God!😄❤

Calm in the Wait

Waiting used to be excruciating for me. I really had an enormous problem with patience. It took many hard and difficult (seemingly impossible at the time) lessons to learn it. Now, I have finally learned the lesson that God wanted me to learn long ago to wait on Him in His peace. And it all started with really grasping that the awesome God of the universe loves me and is truly always here with me. Why am I in a hurry? I am with God everywhere I am. I can rest in His love anywhere and wherever I am, no matter what I am doing. And so I have grown up a lot and am definitely calm and at peace in the wait. I wait with the Lord and for Him. What more could I want?❤

Waiting with Grace

Waiting requires grace to do it well. Patience is a silly thing to consider because it can not change the waiting in any way except to describe how gracefully you are waiting. I wait for my Savior’s return, which can happen anytime, and used to do so with less grace, but I realize I must use grace to gently continue my role here until His return so He will be pleased with me. I simply must. So grace is my new goal and friend. I welcome her.❤