Greatness of Music

Music, if you are good at it and do it right, tells the listener about you. Without saying a word, music says more than words can. This is why musicians understand musicians better than anyone else and why listeners like some musicians above others, because some are great at their artistry in music and some do not let themselves out. Now not everyone has opportunity to do this or the guts, but those that really tell their story through their music shine like a lighthouse. We just watched a documentary on the life of John Coltrane, and he was very much a master at this expression of music. And when I grow up, I want to push hope and inspiration through my fingers into the keys and produce inspiration. ❤

For the Love of Passion 

I am writing on behalf of passion

Wriggling to be free and used

Tired of tech that seeks to tame it

Tired of the world’s unenthused youth.

I write for passion to promote

Ideas, loves, and artists’ expression 

Of brutality that ensues once mindless robotics

Of technology and mind and lethargic dimensions

So passion and wonder I write to promote

For they are the key to exhibit free will

And first you must think and feel and be pulled

Before you can have learned thought.

Passion to the people, passion to us

May we think for ourselves, may we unite in rich thought.

May their games be unfruitful, unsuccessful, exposed

And may passion refill us to peace from morose.❤

The Passion Mission

The road was long and painful, the Creator man was mocked and abused terribly by His creation. Why did He allow it? It was His mission to fulfill His passion for saving our souls. Souls that didn’t deserve to be saved, souls that still seek their own pleasure over His gift of eternal life in glory. He saved us because no one else could. We were the passion of His heart, the focus of His purpose. He gave us life because He loved us too much not to. Not because we deserve it but because He is perfect passionate love.

Flirting with Pain in Marriage: A Cautionary Tale

The bond between man and wife is precious and flammable. It is beautiful and strong when fed and promoted and extremely fragile when certain triggers are pushed. You have to communicate your needs with your mate so they know what to do and what not to do and what will destroy that bond between you. The most common destroyer is a breakdown of trust, whether through lying, cheating, abuse, manipulations, pornography, deception, flirting with someone else, etc. It is important that we communicate and share these with our mate so we don’t assume they know how to keep us and thus keep us happy with them forever. However, there is an enemy that does not need to be told what will pull you apart. This spiritual but very real enemy knows exactly what both parties have done wrong and what might tempt them again along those lines in stronger ways over time to get to a breaking point in the marriage. This enemy was there when we messed up before and knows where we are prone to mess up again. So the moral is, be on your guard all the time and don’t fall for those lies again. Do not put yourself or your relationship in jeopardy for a clearing thing that only lures and tempts and then momentarily satisfies. Invest your time and resources into the lasting, real, tangible, wholesome, purposeful relationship of your life. Don’t ever exchange what is meaningful and lasting for a stupid temporary fantasy. Don’t give up your spouse for your fleeting passions. Become passionate for your spouse instead. That is what brings happiness, peace and contentment in life and God’s blessings. It is also best for you and your health and your children.

Artful Pursuits

We in our home love art. We love art in the form of music. We love art in the form of beauty in nature. We love art in the form of paintings, sculptures, glass, woodwork, sewing, whatever. The beauty of art is that it engages the eye, the senses, the emotions and brings you into someone else’s world, their story, their beauty. They open up themselves and pour into their art and they share it with you. Art is a deep conversation between two souls. It should never be minimized in importance. It should never be underestimated in value. Art is the sharing of ideas. We learn from its study. We expand our view with each moment spent absorbing it. It is expression of reality, it is mingling imagination, it is co-creation. We learn about the artist from the artist when we study the art. Study natural art and you learn about Creator God the Beautiful One. Study an artist’s art and learn about them. This is what art is, its grand importance and why our household embraces it passionately.