Passing By

My brother-in-law’s wife passed last night. And it got me thinking. We are all passing by. It is brief how much time we have, never promised another day. How important it is that we are ready to meet our Maker, forgive each other, show love to God and other people. Life is really quite simple, not complex as the enemy would have us believe. God is really all that matters long term for our relationship with Him is an eternal one. Just a thought that is worthy of contemplation.❤

Daddy’s Final Half Hour

I want to share with those who knew and loved my Daddy, of which there were a lot, his last half hour. At home, about to begin band practice, my band family was there at the house. The call came in right before the first song was started. It was a text from mom that the nurse had called her to get there ASAP and she wanted me to go right away because she had just stepped out of the shower and would be a bit. I rushed out. I was glad to have had my band family’s support. It was comforting. I went alone. I entered his room and saw his labored breathing. He was uneasy, I could tell. He was fighting. He was a fighter with a strong will and I saw this as no exception. I walked in, just he and I there, and choked back tears. I held him and kissed his cheek and forehead and stroked his hair and prayed. With my touchhe calmed, breathing became calm. I asked Jesus what I should do, tears streaming down my face by now. He said “Sing” like He was right there in the room. So the only song I could think of in that moment was Jesus Loves Me, and I said, “I’m crying. Help me.” And immediately I could sing and sang about four verses while holding him and brushing my fingers through his hair. I stayed calm until I knew he was gone. The nurse came in and confirmed he was off to heaven. And I lost it. I know for a fact I could not have done any of that without Jesus’ help. And I know from experience that Jesus comforts those who mourn and he sure was right there answering prayer and waiting to see His son, my daddy, into heaven. Mom came in shortly after when I was calm again. I was so very blessed to have seen him go to glory. There was no pain and only peace once I prayed. Jesus answers prayer from a humble, sincere and intentional heart. He definitely does. There is no doubt in my mind at all. I wanted to share this. There is nothing on the planet that grows you up faster and changes you forever than losing someone you love. But one bit of comfort is that it is not forever. I will join him one day when God sees fitto change my home from earthly to Heavenly. And I feel closest to Daddy and God when I am out in His world walking, caring for it, serving other people and worshipping God. I am happiest seeing a field or being in one. Makes me feel closer to him and Him. I know Daddy is with Jesus and singing. He’s fix anything broken too, but pretty sure nothing is broke in heaven. But they will sort that out. I will focus so as to be with him one day. You should too. 🙂