Leaving the Party Before the Cake is Cut

A party’s climax is the cake. People can say it is the presents or the fellowship or the food or drinking. But it is the cake. Once the cake is cut, the guests are served and there it is, sugar heaven and everything that should be done is. There may be dancing after but that is really extra. All expectations have been met. The cake is the thing. To leave before the cake is cut is rude. However,sometimes you should, say if an emergency arises or you have a prior commitment that is more important. Is this a lecture about manners? No, I am about to make a point. Sometimes it is more rude to stay for the cake if you should be somewhere else. Like a family member is ill. You don’t go out and stay for cake when you should be nursing a loved one back to health. Or say someone in the family died. Out of respect, you don’t traipse off looking to have cake when loved ones are mourning. Cake metaphorically could be anything very special and delightful that you treat yourself with. When others are hurting, you be with them. You help them and comfort them rather than treating yourself to selfish indulgences. If people need you, you don’t go soothe yourself, you help. If you do, I suggest that you are still eating the cake of feeling good about doing the right thing. In a world of highs readily available to you, I am suggesting that you get a natural high, more subtle but no less real, from helping people than just from temporarily gratifying yourself. It would be a beautiful world if people looked around (rather than down at their tech) and helped where there was a need. The world wouldn’t need temporary fixes, it would have a permanent feeling of well being and goodness. And one person can decide to do just that. Help someone. Look around,step away from the entertainment and seek to notice any of the many hurting souls that need a lift- a smile, a listening ear, some time, a little energy. Even if they aren’t immediately grateful, it still is a great helping of cake for your soul and bam, you have created your own magnificent party complete with the more meaningful lasting cake.

On Celebrating Life

Our daughter turned five years old today. We had a good party day with her and she got her very first bike with training wheels. As she started out riding it, it didn’t come very easily to her. But as she continued resting then trying again, each time it got easier until by the end of the day, she was a genuine biker. Practice makes perfect may be one take home lesson from this but afar more light hearted and fun lesson is just to enjoy celebrating life. We as followers of Christ and His truthful way have the most reasons of everyone to celebrate. We walk around all solemn and holy when we seem rather built to party and dance and sing and celebrate God and His creation, including us. We can not show hope and peace and joy to others that God has given us. Abundance with frowny faces and fingers pointing. Life is amazingly fun a d beautiful and we need to party more. Even in the face of terrible persecution around the world, we must keep celebrating our blessed hope of eternity with our Creator God, all the more as we see the day approaching the world has every reason to be sad but we have every reason to be glad and rejoice! Show it!