Dog Park Find

We have now had three visits to the new to us (about one year old) dog park that is just 10 minutes from our house in bad traffic. So exciting. Our dog is living to run free off his leash, something our annoying HOE does not allow (I mean, we could use a few less stray cats lol). And it is good we all are running around with him. He is impressively fast! He was running alongside a greyhound mix and was inching ahead of him. He is just super fast.

And I miss that. I miss living on the farm with a 14-acre yard and a 250-acre field to run wild with the dogs through. So, here is my theory. If I can ever buy some land again, I will. And if I can’t in this life, I will ask God for some field time in heaven. Lol.

For now, the dog park is our new best friend.❤

Yosemite National Park

The drive is long to this amazing place in California, but you know you are close when you are driving around mountains and through tunnels in them that make you feel like you could precariously live there and long for a cozy cushioned chair and a warm blanket and golden retriever at your feet. It is that cozy and picturesque. And that is right before you get there. You see my favorite half moon mountain and you are tempted to start taking pictures, but when your camera is as cheap as mine, don’t waste the time for it will be far away and better opportunities will arise in the park, guaranteed. The park is massive and will lead you through many parking lots (and an overpriced hotel- I booked a cozy bed and breakfast 15 minutes away for less) and driving roads around the park. There are many opportunities to park and take it all in or take pictures. And what you are taking pictures of are immense God-breathed mountains of varying heights and functions and each of its own character. Some have glorious waterfalls, some have waterfalls only when it rains, making it one of the few parks that is just as interesting and lovely when it is raining. And let me tell you, I am a hiker, and the hiking trails (ranging from seriously easy to about to kill yourself climbing rock faces) are some of the best ever. The trails are monitored regularly for debris, safety, whatever. Guides or rangers pop up now and again to ask for directions if lost or if you dropped your map (yeah, don’t do that). Everywhere you look is a new view, a gorgeous fingerprint of God, an amazing vantage point of the world, it seems. And the people you meet are all in great spirits because they are there enjoying God’s creation just like you and it is a wholesome sort of unspoken commonality there. Completely lovely and amazing place to go for a pure and wholesome and magnificent enjoyment of splendor and serenity. I highly recommend Yosemite National Park as a must visit destination within our borders.