The Goal of Smallness

By smallness, I do not mean the size of physical form. Just to get that right from the start. The one good thing about evil being so dominant in the fake news entertainment (as there are few and far between true journalists anymore but I digress) or anti-social media or entertainment media is that whatever they are saying, the opposite is true. If they say he did, you can bet he didn’t. If they say families are healthy without a mom and dad, you can bet they are unhealthy. If they say follow your heart, follow your head because your heart is the most easily tricked. If they say true, it is a lie. It is so laughably predictable with all the evil/lie prevalence around us. So if the world says your goal should be to get rich and powerful and popular and well known, you can bet my goal is to get smaller, meaning humble. If man is god, mine isn’t, I’ll stick to God being God. So look with these truth eyes and invert every line you are given and you will be closer to the truth than you imagined. ☺

The Opposite is True

I realize that this world is so screwed up and backwards that you can almost bank on the most popular life concepts and philosophies of the said world are exactly opposite to the truth. For instance, God says that the humble will be lifted up and inherit the earth. The world says to lift yourself up and celebrate yourself to get ahead. God says love is patient and kind. The world says please me and pay attention to me now or I won’t love you anymore. God says murder is wrong. The world says murder is okay as long as the baby is still in the mother’s stomach. God says Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and go to heaven. The world says any path will take you there. God says serve others and worship Him. The world says serve yourself and worship yourself or whatever gives you a temporary fix and makes you feel good, even if only for a moment. God says store up treasures in heaven. The world says store up treasures here. They are in stark contrast. You can bet that anything that gratifies the flesh will only bring lasting happiness and peace and joy if within the construct that the Bible lays out. The Bible is the Truth. This is why we must be so fervently reading it and memorizing its words and praying. God is forever and we need to be on His side and be saved through His Son for nothing else we do is permanently meaningful. He is Light and Truth. Check facts in His Word before you listen to a word this world tells you. You can bet they are selling something, and you don’t want that thing they sell long term.


If something is in stark contrast with something, it is the opposite. We Christ followers should be in stark contrast with the darkness of evil. We are lights and you can’t get much more opposite to darkness than that. We also are salt, which brings out the best in people, in contrast to evil bringing out the worst in people. We are also clay, which is moldable and becomes amazingly brilliant under fire, the opposite of imitation material that falls apart under extreme conditions. We are aliens in this world, just passing through to prove we don’t belong here, as opposed to those who do evil and feel right at home in an evil environment. We are sheep, as opposed to goats. It is profound the way Jesus Christ describes his people as these objects that are blatantly opposite evil’s actions in this world. Is that an accident? Nope! One common denominator is that every scenario He gave us, we are never alone and He is always there loving us and taking care of us. We who are His are no better than anyone else except that having Christ’s free gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit, we sure are a million times better off in the long run and even now. Yes, the world sees us as crazy or ridiculous, but Jesus said that wisdom of the world is foolishness to Him and visa versa. When I am put down for my faith in Christ as my Savior, I feel proud that I did something right, happy that they noticed the difference, pleased that I took the opportunity to be contrasting and different. Maybe someone will want to be my loving, joyful, peaceful, gentle, kind, good, faithful, self-controlled kind of different too and be saved as a result. Who knows what good you can do when you get your contrast on!