Opinion vs Fact

Opinion versus fact. Personal thoughts versus truth. Beware of opinions. Everyone has one and no matter how good the person is, they are still human and their opinions are based on their experiences and biases. Truth, however, is an unbiased fact that God established, is proven, is perfect and reliable every time. Truth you can bank on. Opinion can rob you. Always check for truth and thr Bible is the reliable source. Nothing in it has ever been proven false/opinion because God wrote it and He is truth. Check the facts. Do not let a blind man lead you. Trust the Light of God!😄❤

Feminism & Roles

This topic is hot and important as so many women are impacted daily with the effects of feminism and anti-faminism nowadays. We see it all the time and it sickens me. I am just a little girl but I have a big voice and a bigger God. Here is my humble opinion: 

Being 43, and born into a farming Christian family in a small town of Buchanan, MI, and currently a homeschooling housewife, I guess you would think I would be “old fashioned” when it comes to views on women and their roles in the world. And I am. However, as a doctor who started her own practice from scratch and ran it successfully for four years, having been through a divorce after 10 years of marriage and being a single working mom before I remarried, I guess you would call me a “modern woman”/”feminist”. So which is right? 

The long and the short of it is that God looks at our hearts and motivations. That is true for men and women. But speaking of women now, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I can and should do any and everything God has asked me to do and given me the ability to do. And I am willing to be trained to do His will for me without prior training. That is a healthy viewpoint as a woman and mother. Now, I also believe strongly that each person is made in the image of God, all people are equal in importance because of this and women should be able to vote, work, take care of their kids and families and serve where they feel called by God to do so. They are equal. Men have this same right. But with privilege comes reaponsibility. This degretory and highly abominable opinion that bad men request and bad women oblige that women need to shed their clothes at request and much more while men watch fully clothed and gawk, and with each time thus happens two things occur: men get stupider and women get stupider. Men who jack off to airbrushed women on a computer or phone screen or in a movie or whatever have less enjoyment and ability to bond with or sexual enjoy their spouse and see women as stupid or sex toys and have unnatural standards of beauty because their wife is not airbrushed. And women who subject themselves to this degredation lose their self-respect and become morose and lonely and wonder why that is all men really wand from them and no connection they long for. And it is so prevalent that there is all growing rift between men and women. If men would be men and man up and shun this unnatural attraction and be satisfied with their wives and love them, and if women would stop disrespecting themselves and all other women by foolishly doing what greedy and lustfull fools want them to do, there would be a more natural understanding of equality. And men would naturally take their place as head of the household and women would naturally be so deeply in love with and respect their husbands, life would be infinitely better for everyone. Men need to be respectable men and not perverted selfish jerks. And women need to be women and concern themselves with their household. And the porn industry should be damned and thrown out on their greedy assessment straight to hell for all the damage they have done to families and people’s opinions of men and women and their roles. And no man should ever ever EVER hit his wife or humiliate her and berate her and a real man woukd never do that. That is fact. A man rapes a woman, he should suffer the same fate in prison. A real man concerns himself with Godly responsibilities and using His gifts to provide and care for his family and keep his focus on only his wife and his work and play only with her and leave the cyber sluts and all other women alone. 

And in return, it is my distinct high honor and privilege to serve my family. I am more of a woman for it. I am strong for what I miss out on so they prosper and thrive. And that is my humble and old fashioned and 100% correct and healthy and Godly viewpoint on feminism and the roles of women and men. God be praised for His design! He is so good!

Opinion versus Truth

Everyone has opinion, which are no more than our experiences and perspective of what is seen compared to our knowledge of truth and it’s application. That is it. Might be accurate compared to the truth and might not. The person holding or teeming their opinion may be adequately informed or not. The opinion pusher may be wise or not. It is highly dangerous to accept other’s opinions as fact, as truth. Truth on the other hand is always true, it is absolute, no matter what anyone says to the contrary. Starts are always shining in the sky. That is a truth. We cannot see them in the day because the sunlight is brighter or when it is cloudy to mask them, but they are up there still. God is in control. That is a truth. It may not look like it because of situational clouds that mask it or distractions that blind us but I assure you He is in control. The Bible is truth. Nothing in it has ever been proven false and man have they tried. So the words in it are true and can be trusted. Opinions not so much, and before accepting them as truth need to be weighed against truth. Otherwise, they become distractions at best and false truths in your mind at worst. And we must not let them have power over us unless proven true for that reason. Always question and think and study for yourself from proper sources that are proven true. It is impertinent to keep from incorporating or acting on false beliefs. We must be proactive with what we let into our minds and take to heart. ❤ 

Politics: When Pigs Fly and Doves Snore

Our world is backwards right now in many of the obvious and very prominently media-covered parts of the world. Pigs (meaning crooked prominent folks making bad decisions for everyone else) are doing very well, allowed to get away with murder while doves (common folks or basically anyone who isn’t a pig) snore soundly in their beds, content to laze about while pigs get their way. I am not generally so political but sometimes a patriotic daughter of a Marine needs to say something. If I could get myself to be more elusive and guarded and bending of opinion, I would run for office or the Presidency or something just so I know one honest pig out there would be making decisions for the doves that don’t seem to want to put the pigs in check, which is their God-given and patriotic right and duty to do. I would run for office and lose because I would be too honest and no one would vote for me. I mean, in an age of snorers, who would vote for a potential pig shouting, “Change Back!!”? See the problem? I wouldn’t get very far. Snoring doves want pigs who stroke their ears and reinforce their false sense of security and make empty promises that sound wonderful. What does honesty have to do with our society anymore? Isn’t that an old fashioned notion? And the other pigs whose game and lavish lifestyle I would be threatening would have me for lunch with a side of public thrashings with a wet noodle.

These have been the rantings of a little girl who has had enough politicians twisted up in lies and scandal and ineptitude to last a lifetime. If I am nominated (which would never happen) to run for a political office, I would run these jokers out on a rail, tarred and feathered, like the good old days when no one put up with their tricks and lies. Which of course would land me in prison and therefore strip me of my title. And there is the rub. An honest politician does not exist because they would never make it into office to begin with. No one seems to want honesty or place value on it. So what can one citizen/dove/person do to make a difference? Become informed, wake up, pray specifically and knowledgeably, vote down bad and vote for good. And more importantly than any of this is to know well that God expects us to live for Him first and foremost and behave and decide everything accordingly. He is still in charge of the universe, despite the smoke and trickery and distractions of this world. And He is coming back soon for His people. Christ follower status is infinitely more universal than patriotism to a specific country. Devoted to Christ we stand, divided from Him we fall. In God we trust! More importantly, in God I trust!