The Weepy, Soft Side of Me

I was brought up by extreme parents. My mom encouraged talking about emotions and was weepy sometimes and my Daddy was the tough guy who told me not to cry and only cried twice ever that I saw when his parents died. And I was always a daddy’s girl and a tough tomboy so crying wasn’t something I did. I just didn’t. It was feeling sorry for myself, it was weakness, didn’t change anything, etc. So, since my Daddy died and a good friend died and a close band family member completely abandoned us, and I am going through the change of life, I am all weepy and soft now quite often. There is an ok-ness to it though that I never had before. A commercial comes on  and may not even be sad per se but my eyes will water up. Completely forget about a mushy drama. No way, I could not be trusted with that for a second. And it is OK. It is OK to cry and be sad for someone else’s pain, for yours, for injustice, for the effects of evil, for lost souls, for the homeless. The thing is crying and empathizing is OK, good even. Let it out. But the trick is after that to balance that emotion with action to help the situation. Sometimes crying with a person is what they need and is enough. But reach the lost, feed or shelter the homeless, give to the poor, do something. Allow your tears to motivate positive behavior. Use that bad boy. Tears are valuable, hence the pulled heartstrings on feed the children or humane society commercials, which I also cry for now. Oy. It’s all good though. And God always comforts the mourning or downhearted when we ask. Let it go, let it flow. And drink extra water to replenish. Lol 🙂